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RIP ZOLA May 10 2014

   My baby Zola is gone now. After being told we should give Zola the lethal injection aka kill zola also called putting her to sleep at an animal hospital in Slöinge Sweden (Slöinge Djursjukhus) I said not unless you kill me too. After crying and begging them to kill me also with the lethal injections they realized I was serious and I was not willing to give up on saving Zola so one of the Swedish vets at Slöinge Djursjukhus said it was possible my cat Zola could get a blood transfusion from one of the animal hospitals in Helsingborg Sweden and maybe Zola could live a bit longer as in a weeks or even months if lucky. We then found a Swedish animal hospital closer to Varberg Sweden in Gothenburg Sweden aka Göteborg Sverige and took Zola from a swedish animal hospital near Falkenberg Sweden via Slöinge Sverige known as slöinge djursjukhus to a Swedish animal hospital in Gothenburg Sweden aka Göteborg Sverige. Zola had a very low blood cell count and her kidneys were only working at about 12 to 25%. The Vet at the Swedish animal hospital in Slöinge Sverige said it was possible to get Zolas blood cell count up and help her feel better by a blood transfusion then possibly get her on medicine to slow or hopefully stop her kidneys from failing or at least slow down the process of her kidney failure.

   The Swedish Animal Hospital In Gothenburg Sweden Where My Baby Zola Spent Her Final Days On Earth Is Said To Be One Of The Best Animal Hospitals In Sweden. The Gothenburg Animal Hospital Is Known In Sweden As Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhus. I held and loved on my baby cat Zola as she laid on me in the car on the way to the animal hospital Blå Stjärnan in Gothenburg Sweden trying to comfort Zola the best I could. I told Zola she was going to the hospital to get tiger blood given from a tiger that loved her also and wanted to help her get well. Of course Zola is a tabby cat and was not getting a blood transfusion of real tigers blood but was going to get a blood transfusion of blood that was a match to her blood to save her life. Zola thought of herself in ways as a tiger and Zola liked to be called my big tiger and my baby Zola.

   Zola had pet health insurance with Folksam. The Folksam pet insurance covered up to 30000 SEK (30000 SEK is only about 4,500.00 USD) but of course the Vets in Sweden were all told that there was no limit to the amount of money that would be given for Zolas life to be saved. The Vets in Gothenburg Swedens Animal Hospital Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhus were kind and amazing people that also loved animals but even they could not save my baby Zola. At first after Zola was given oxygen and lots of cat love it looked like my baby Zola could recover. Zola responded well in ways acting more alert and even drank some water. Sadly again I was told I could not stay with zola since she was again going into intensive care just at another animal hospital via Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhus but the VET at Blå Stjärnan Djursjukhus Göteborg told me there was always people with the animals in ICU to comfort and watch over them 247. Sadly I had to leave her in the doctors care and wait for the call to tell when I could visit Zola the next day.

   After what felt like a very long time that day the worse call of my life came in telling me that Zola had made a turn for the worse and her kidneys were failing fast. After the attempt to help Zola get her blood cell count back up my poor baby had total kidney failure. After driving record speed from Åskloster Till Göteborg we made it in time for me to hold and kiss my baby cat Zola as Zola left this evil world. I miss Zola so much. I loved Zola more than life itself and now I hate life more than anything. In ways I hope my life is short and I can go be with Zola again.

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RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola Min Katt Har Somnat In På Göteborgs Djursjukhus

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I wish I could restore pages and videos of Zola online again to share the worlds most amazing and worlds most beautiful cat with you but it is so hard to live and very hard to find the will to do anything right now. Bookmark my cat Zolas website and maybe if I am so unlucky to have to live much longer I can manage one day to update the videos and photos of Zola that I never had time prior to upload etc. I wish it was me that died instead of Zola and I wish life was not so sad and evil in ways!

My baby Zola fought hard so hard you can not imagine. I miss my baby Zola so much you can not imagine how hard it is to live and not try to leave this world now. I only hope my time to leave the evil world comes soon so I can again hold Zola.

    My beautiful beloved baby zola has passed away after a long hard fight for her life. I only hope I can die and be with her soon but I know to take my own life may result in being locked out of heaven and brought back to the evil world. I will try hard to wait to be again allowed to kiss my beautiful baby and feel the worlds most amazing cat love but for now I will try hard to live this painful sad life that has now lasted way too freaking long!

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