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About European History and About Swedish History, Swedish History about the Fortress in Varberg. Varberg Foto och Europa Video. Varberg Sweden Fortress in Sverige!

   The Varberg Fortress is located on a cliff in Varberg Sweden. The Swedish Fortress in Varberg Sweden has a beautiful video of the Atlantic Ocean on one side while the other sides show all over Varberg. The view from the fortress was perfect to defend the lands and see invaders coming ahead of time. It was considered an unbeatable defensive position for any fortress or castle. Toward the end of the 13th Century Count Jacob of Halland built a beautiful walled structure also called a stronghold with a hall and private chambers. Count Jacob of Halland fled from there when outlawed by the Danish King at the end of the 13th Century.

    In the 14th Century the Norwegian Duchess Ingeborg ruled over Halland from the same stronghold which later became the Fortress! The Norwegian Duchess Ingeborg had a son Magnus Eriksson. Magnus Eriksson's wife was Queen Blanka whom ruled over a Norwegian-Swedish kingdom from Bohus Castle and Varberg. During the time of her ruling the building also known as a stronghold was converted into a beautiful Royal Castle. A few years later the Danish invaded Sweden and took over the castle. The Danish remained in control of the castle for about 300 years.

   The Varberg Castle was damaged in what was called The Nordic Seven Years War. In 1588 work on restoring the castle or turning it into a fortress began. The Danish King Christian IV wanted to use the Swedish lands since it was a strategic location for guarding and security as well as for any military forts ect. The Varberg fortress was also only 70 km from the Swedish Fortresses of Gothenburg and Älvsborg. The Danish King Christian IV had a fortress architect Hans Van Steenwinckel build up the cliff and castle to make it all even taller and larger. It became build more as a modern fortifications system. The Swedish Farmers were told to carry tons of soil or earth with peat and stone to the building location. The Varberg Fortress was completed in 1618. After less than 20 years new warfare technology made it necessary to modernise the fortress. To this day that is most of the works or building style you see. The fortress still standing and beautiful as ever has a history for both Denmark and Sweden with the taking over and fighting back and forth for one of the most beautiful lands in the world.

      In 1645 the Treaty of Brömsebro gave a peaceful end to the fighting over the Fortress and gave a peaceful closer to such wars. Halland became SWEDISH as well as the FORTRESS. Varberg lost its role as a border outpost at that time. By 1830 Varbergs Fortress weas not longer part of the nation's defenses. Gullies were dug out for explosives but the Fortress was not demolished. Instead it was built with even more new buildings and even gained new status as a prison. The last inmate left the fortress that was once a prison in 1931. Since 1993 the National Property Board *SFV* has managed the Fortress in Varberg. The SFV works to ensure that the fortress retains its Historical Character and makes sure it is accessible to everyone! It is part of Sweden's Publicly owned Cultural Heritage. Yeah That means that is it like a historical building that in ways belongs to everyone as for to be able to go view and climb up to see it. European's in ways share their lands and historical structures for the world to view. Way cool eh.

    The Varberg fortress was a walled building in Sweden with a hall and private chambers which later became more a magnificent castle looking building. European Governments and people treat lands and history as well as culture and historical buildings with so much respect that the Fortress in Varberg to this day is still standing. Not only is the Varberg Fortress there for all to view they even allow people to take a tour of the fortress or castle in Sweden. They allow people to walk outside it all year long and treat it as it is part of their property and lands. To me that makes it very special. This shows how very different life in europe is vs usa life. Sweden is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The lands are more free and you sit on the beaches any time you want. It is true freedom and peace in europe which is something I never got to live or see until my arrival to Europe.

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