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Klicka På Opps.se I Svenska För Sverige! Svenska Videor Och Bilder Från USA Till Sverige Till Danmark Sverige Och Danmark Videor Och Bilder Online

Opps.se In English Click Here English Version Of Opps.se Swedish Website Find news and videos from Sweden online in English Translations!!

Bird Videos Bird Photos Of Birds In Sweden & Denmark. European Birds And Seagulls With Ducks And Wild Birds In Europe *Translate from Swedish To English Word Fåglar Och Måsar would mean Birds And Seagulls* Videor och Bilder would translate from Swedish to English Videos & Photos!

Fåglar Och Måsar Videor & Bilder You can buy UK bird feeders and UK bird food online from the uk pet shop online English pet supply stores etc.

Apelviken Väder Apelviken Videor & Bilder På Apelviken & Lilla Apelvikin Camping Och Surf

Apelviken Sverige Och Lilla Apelviken Videor & Apelviken Camping. Väder På Apelviken Sverige camping videos and tent camping pictures of ocean and beach campsites with animals and nature videos from Halland Sweden via World Famous Campsite In Apelviken Sweden

Åskloster Karta Hallands Väder & Åskloster Sverige

 Halland Maps Swedish Art Gallery Shows Google Maps & Street Maps Of Sweden From Halland Swedens Art Gallery In Åskloster Sverige Online Opps.se Maps Of Sweden Art Gallery In Halland SE Swedish maps of Sweden with opps.se swedish art gallery & past videos and photos with swedish weather and life in Sweden via Askloster

Åskloster Väder *Hallands Väder Halland Åskloster SE My first Swedish Video Blog From The Ocean In Sweden Online With My Old Photos Of Sweden

European Weather, European Maps Of Europe & European News In English

Stockholm Karta Stockholm Väder och Nyheter, Böka Hotell I Stockholm

Varberg Väder Hallands Väder & Varberg Karta

Göteborg Videor Och Göteborg Bilder via Göteborg Nyheter & Konst Till Salu Från Göteborg Konstgalleri

Gothenburg Videos, Gothenburg Photos Of Gothenburg Sweden Live Video Blogs From Travel To Gothenburg Sweden

The Swedish Webpages In Swedish below shows Gothenburg Sweden To Help Translate Swedish To English or Learn Swedish Online In Fun Ways By Surfing Pages

Göteborg Videor Och Göteborg Bilder via Göteborg Nyheter & Konst Till Salu Från Göteborg Konstgalleri

Göteborg Videor, Göteborg Bilder, Nyheter, Väder, Göteborg Karta På Goteborg Sverige Same Swedish videos, Swedish Photos of Sweden but written in Swedish no English on that webpage above.

Strömstad Sverige Information About Sweden Online via Information About Swedish City And Harbor Located In Stromstad Sweden

Strömstad Sverige Photos & Videos Of Sweden City Online Stromstad!

Varberg Sverige Videor, Bilder På Varberg & Varbergs Fästning Videor

Varberg Sverige Bilder På Varbergs Hamn Båtar I Varberg Sverige Varberg Strand Bilder & Varberg Nyheter Information Varberg Kommun

Varberg Fortress Videos Varberg Fortress Photos Of Sweden via Varbergs Fortress History Swedish News In English About Varbergs Fästning for US

Midsommer I Sverige Midsommer Videor Och Midsommar Bilder På Midsommar I Varberg

Midsommer I Sverige

2014 Varberg Midsommar Bilder Och Videor 2014 Midsommar I Varberg

Färje Videor Och Bilder På Svensk Färje & Dansk Färje Jag älskar havet

Varberg Grenå Stena Line Färja Videor, Bilder Och Färjebiljetter Stena Line Nautica Färja Videor

Valborg Videor, Valborg Bilder Valborg I Sverige

Valborg I Varberg Videor Och Bilder Från Varberg Sverige (VALBORG) Valborg I Varberg 2009 & Valborg I Varberg 2014

Swedish Nature Resorts Near Varberg Sweden Shows Swedish Nature Resort With Birds And Animals Live In Sweden

Gamla Köpstad Videor Och Bilder På Gamla Köpstad. Svensk Ö Karta. Bild Och Video Blogg Från Rödskär Och Svartskär Naturreservat

Swedish websites that translate Swedish To English With Swedish News In English & Information about Denmark and Sweden Online Opps.SE SWEDEN

    Since some of my websites pages are in Swedish it seems like a good idea to help people translate Swedish to English online and make the website more fun and interesting so Americans and British as well as other people that search and speak in English online can find interesting videos and photos in Swedish and English online off my cool www.opps.se Swedish websites fun WebPages etc.

Below are a few translations from Swedish To English to help you find your way around the Swedish pages but keep in mind I also have a section of the .se web site that is in English online.

Roliga Bilder from Swedish To English would translate to Funny Photos.

Roliga Videor from Swedish To English would translate to Funny Videos

Roligt Video from Swedish to English would translate as Funny Video *Singular not Plural translation from Swedish*

Roligt Bild translates from Swedish to English as Funny Photo Singular not Plural

Nyheter is Swedish for News (Nyhet is Swedish for new as in a new movie or new item etc)

Svenska is the language Swedish (Sverige is Swedish for the country Sweden)

Danmark is Swedish for the country Denmark (Lots of Swedish people visit and travel to Denmark so Danmark is a good search word for Swedish websites etc) I have Danish videos and photos of Denmark online since during my time living in Sweden I have been to Denmark to make film and photograph parts of Denmark.

Bushcraft Survival Tips Swedish Video Blogs Live In Tent In Sweden Shows Amazing Campsites & Camping Gear. How To Build Shelter To Survive In Woods *Video Blogs With Photos From Living In Wild With Animals And Nature. Cool Camp Sites With Videos From Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, And Articles And Tips That Show How To Survive Life In The Wilderness In Europe Online Here

Buy camping supplies. Buy tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, survival blankets & camping gear for sale Bushcraft survival gear for sale online. Camping supplies for sale worldwide! Swedish blogs in English tips on how to build shelters, how to survive living in the woods and forests etc. Survival videos show how to build cabins & buy family cabin tents Learn how to make your own home in woods etc

Cat Dinner Party 70 X 50 CM

On opps.se Swedish web pages the use of the word Konst can be found online often. The word Konst is Swedish for Art. Målningar translates from Swedish to English as Paintings & Målning is the Swedish word for Painting

Zolas Restaurant 70 X 50 CM

November 2014 I am back for bit

 Funny Cat And Dog Paintings

Original Konst

Swedish Art Gallery Sales Art Online. We ship worldwide

Swedish Art Gallery In Sweden *Halland SE*

*Buy Art Live In Sweden At Swedish Art Gallery In Halland Sweden via Åskloster Sweden*

Opps.se Maps Of Sweden Art Gallery In Halland SE

Åsklostervägen 37 Hilary Leigh American Artists Selling Art Live In Sweden At Swedish Art Gallery In Åskloster

Klicka På translates from Swedish to English as Click For (Båtar from Swedish To English is the world for Boats) Båt would translate from Swedish To English as Boat

Klicka På Båtar Och Färja Videor, Bilder, Köp Båtar Till Salu. Båt Försäljning. Båt Videor Båt Bilder Och Färja Båtar & Köp Färjebiljetter Online Buy Boats For Sale! Buy Kayaks, Buy Canoes, Ferry Boat Videos, Pictures Of Boats At The Harbor & Buy Ferry Boat Tickets And Find Information About Ocean Travel By Boats Online. If you like boats you will love the boat videos etc!

Dansk Slott Videor Och Bilder På Dansk Slott Kronborg Slott I Danmark

Klicka På Kronberg Slott Videor Och Dansk Slott Kronborg Bilder Kronborg Danmark

Free Music Videos Online Live From Live Concerts In Sweden And Denmark Live

Musik Opps.se Svenska Musikvideor Och Musik Nyheter Sverige Och Danmark Musik Online Klicka På Musik Från Opps.se Musikvideor Click the photos of Denmark and Sweden Concerts Live To View Free Music Videos And Photos From Live Concerts With Live Music Videos & Music News Online Music Reviews Of The World's Best Bands In Sweden And Denmark. American Musicians Playing Live In Europe!

Swedish Travel Blogs Shows Travel To Hillerod Denmark Frederiksborg Castle

  Opps.se Swedish Videos Filmed In Sweden And Denmark Show The Most Beautiful Castles In Europe. This Danish Castle Is Known As Frederiksborg Castle In Hillerød. Hillerod Denmark Is Not Far From Copenhagen Denmark. I have travel blogs with videos and photos of Copenhagen Denmark from past trips to Copenhagen. I also have castles in Sweden on Swedish Video Blogs To Show Swedish Castles. Of All The Castles I have seen this Danish castle is by far the most beautiful castle. With the amazing art and amazing paintings on the walls and ceilings it really felt like I was walking through a true work of art in every way. I loved the amazing statues and sculptures outside the castle and the birds of made it even more intense for me. While inside the castle most it was easy to get lost in ways for the amazing stairs and long hall ways through out the castle had even more art and history to film and view. I was glad I got to make a final tip to Denmark as a tourist to enjoy the amazing places. I have a funny feeling when or if I visit Denmark again it will be a different Leigh in ways with a much different mission eh. Grin and cry. Again at times I have to toss out a bit of words for searches in Danish and Swedish so there we have it even on pages in English I have to try to make them rank..... Hillerød Slott Video Hillerød Danmark

Opps.Se Funny Videos & Funny Photos Of Funny Face Painting & Bodypaint

Roliga Videor Och Bilder Ansiktsmålning Och Kroppsmålning *Face painting & body painting kid safe funny faces & scary faces Old face and body paintings for funny videos and photos of facepaint by Hilary Leigh online.

Ansiktsmålning translates from Swedish To English as Face Painting

Kroppsmålning translations from Swedish To English is body painting

Opps.Se Swedish Animal Videos Ocean Life & Wildlife Animal Pictures Online

Roliga Djur Videor Roliga Katt Och Djur Bilder Vilda Djur Videor & Husdjur Videor Och Bilder På Fåglar Och Djur I Europa

Now for my favorite things about Sweden & my favorite translations *grin*. Thing I Love

Djur is Swedish for Animal

Djuren Swedish To English translations Animals

    Funny animal videos of funny animals, ocean life with fish and oceanlife in Sweden as well as video blogs with wild animal videos and photos with wildlife shows nature in sweden. Those videos are in Swedish and English but most of the websites Swedish text for Swedish for people in Sweden to find photos and wildlife videos of animals in Sweden and Denmark online. No need to translate from Swedish to English on the funny animal videos and ocean life in Sweden for the photos or pictures of animals and ocean life on that video websites easy to follow in ways. I may not translate from Swedish to English on all my video websites and pages in Swedish for Sweden and Denmark but watching movies and watching videos with films of animals and wildlife shows universal films in ways for the language of love as animals give is universal no needed to translate from Swedish to English there eh. I do not hate people but I do not feel I fit in with any types of people for in ways I feel more comfortable and safe around the animals and would be more than happy to live in nature with the animals for the rest of my way too long life. I love all types of animals & love being near the ocean and beaches as well as the forests and woods etc. so there are lots of animal videos and nature films to watch online from my Swedish website opps.se

   Pictures of the ocean in Sweden shows my view near a rock beach taken after living in a tent near that spot for only about a month. The picture of the rocks and beautiful landscape by the oceans in Apelviken Sweden. It was in the summer of 2014 and only about 5 am. The picture shows a wild rabbit that I caught on video and took more pictures of over the following days. Later the rabbit even felt tame or comfortable enough with me to introduce me to his or her family. To live in nature and be at one with the animals and earth in ways is always healing and can be life changing in ways. At first wild animals are scared of people yet if your lucky or patient enough at times animals can start to feel safe enough around you that they come close and even eat from your hand and share a bit of love. At times you may even notice wild animals start to watch you and follow you around. I think at times animals wonder what in the world I am doing living outside so close to them *Grin*. Click the photo of the ocean and rock beach then look just above the opps.se url in the Swedish beach picture to see the rabbit. That was only the 2nd meeting with the beautiful bunny rabbit. I later got much closer as some of my videos and photos from my time in Apelviken show.

   While in Apelviken Sweden I spent all day hiking and walking around sight seeing to try to film Swedish animals and birds near the ocean and beaches in Sweden for my Swedish News And Video Website Opps.Se. I was there for days filming and making videos as well as taking pictures and hiking near Varberg Sweden. Varberg Sweden is not far from Gothenburg if you drive or take a train etc. Walking to Gothenburg Sweden would not be wise since that in a way would be heading toward the north of Sweden where it is cold. When I am hiking or backpacking and sight seeing in Sweden it seems I head south toward the south of Sweden even when it is not winter time. I love warm weather and hate the cold so maybe Sweden is not the best place in the world for weather eh. Grin.

   I always find amazing places and hard to get to spots for camping and backpacking in Sweden. The picture below shows one of the cliffs with amazing views of Sweden from a hill or cliff. That picture shows one of the places I had been camping for awhile in Sweden while bird watching and spending time near the beach and ocean. Swedish pictures of Sweden shows Karradale camping grounds in the background but with no house car or rv for caravan camping I set up campsites more in the woods and out of the way of people and other campers etc. I had no money at the time I was camping there so renting campgrounds or campsites was not an option anyway. I had the best camping grounds for campsites in hidden places in the woods. When I film birds and wildlife I like to hide among trees and tall grass to hide my tent and watch for birds and animals to film in the wild. I always try to avoid people and stay out of the houses and campers.

     For me going back to nature is a way of healing and trying to find myself in ways. I think at times it is wise to remember that there is beauty in the world. When all is lost and we feel we have nothing left maybe there is more to do and see in life. Yeah I know how stupid I sound in saying such things but there we have it. People have to find a reason to keep trying in life no matter what happens. The animals are my comfort while being so far from my family.

Swedish Website Links To Swedish News In English & USA VS Europe Online Videos Etc

I have many words to translate from Swedish To English and videos that I have online live show videos of me speaking Swedish and English at times. I will update and add to this section of the website to help people learn Swedish online but sadly for now I have much work to do on the main video and photo galleries online to restore and finish pages etc. Check back more translations online coming soon we hope eh.

January 2015 I am back as we see for a bit anyway. I hope to save all videos, photos and websites with all my video codes and page codes so even my html codes are not things I have to redo in the future. That is just in case after all is lost I can manage to continue trying to make money online to live etc.


Konst Bilder, Konst Videor, Konstgalleri Varberg Halland Konst Till Salu På Nätet Och Konstgalleri Sverige

God Jul Europa! Christmas Videos Christmas Photos With Christmas Art Christmas Cards & Swedish News Video Blogs Information About Christmas In Sweden & Denmark

Klicka På Jul Sverige Och Jul I Danmark

GOD JUL KORT GRATIS Jul E KORT & Köpa Handmålade Jul Kort Försäljning Funny Christmas Cards For Sale In Swedish And In English Online!

Another Face In Another Place! World's Most Beautiful Face Paintings Or World's Most Unusual Face Paintings With Beautiful Swedish Backgrounds. Artists Face Painted Video Blogs Online Video Blogs From Sweden Shows Swedish Video Blogs In English For Another Face In Another Place Face Blogs From Artists And Face Painters In Sweden Shows Beautiful Faces In Beautiful Places in Sweden & Travel Videos and Photos via Photo blog and video blog from Traveling Face Painter Live In Sweden Shows Face Paintings From Sweden

Free online converters show what you need to convert prices and sizes of our art online & convert money online from usd to sek convert money online from usd to euro etc. You can find free online money converters and convert sizes online with CM To IN as well as Miles To KG convert Kilometers To Miles! Centimeters To Inches! Money Converters Online

   Free online converters help convert usd to sek and euro to english pounds etc. Convert sizes of paintings and art prices for americans online to convert from us to metric and world currency converters online free. This helps if you buy art from Sweden listed in SEK to convert SEK To USD & Convert CM TO IN Etc.

Another Face In Another Place Swedish Video Blogs By Face Painter Hilary Leigh In Sweden

June 2013 Face Painters Video Blogs Another Face In Another Place Page 2 Swedish Blogs by Face Painter In Sweden

2014 Videos From Apelviken Sweden & Varberg Sweden Summer Face Painting Blogs *2014 Another Face In Another Beautiful Place*

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Gratis Spel Spela Spel Online Slots Free Games Online Casinos In UK, US, Sweden, Denmark & European Casinos Click the photo to find free slots and casino websites with free games or buy slot machine banks and games


Swedish Islands & Swedish Lakes In Sweden Maps Of Islands & Lakes In Sweden With Photos And Videos via Video Blogs From Swedish And Danish Islands & Lakes With Travel Blogs, Canoe Trips & Camping Videos Of Swedish Camp Grounds Etc

Fegen Sjö Videor, Fegensjö Bilder På Svensk Sjö Fegen

Klicka På Bilder Och Videor Från Svensk Ö Tjörn Ö I Sverige Tjörn Ö I Sverige Tjörn Videor och Bilder På Tjörn Ö I Sverige

Gratis Karta Tjörn Ö Karta På Tjörn Ö I Sverige (Svensk Ö)


Konst, Bilder, Videor Och Nyheter Via Opps.se Sidor Copyright © www.Opps.se

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SPORT VIDEOR! BILDER Sport Nyheter Skridskor, Hästlopp & Hockey

Häst Video Global Kitten Häster Videor Hästlopp Video Sverige

 Svenska Hockey Brynäs IF och Frölunda Hockey Videor Nyheter Göteborg Sverige

Skridskor Videor Isskridskor SE Och USA Rullskridskor


opps.se Sverige Till Danmark *Europa*

Email Opps.se Hilary Leigh Konstnär från Opps.se Sidor email Email@opps.se Email

Click funny photos of animals, photos of Denmark and Sweden online to see pictures of Europe in big or full size images.

Roliga Bilder På Änder I Sverige Klicka På And Bild För Roliga And Bilder Och And Videor Rolig And Videor Och Bilder På Ander And Video would translate from Swedish To English as Duck Video *videos in Swedish is videor & And is Swedish for Duck. Many ducks would be Änder in Swedish

HACKSPETT VIDEOR STÖRRE HACKSPETT BILDER PÅ SVENSK HACKSPETT I VINTER Hackspett translate from Swedish In English would be Woodpecker.

Små Vinter Fåglar Videor Och Bilder På Talgoxe Sidor Talgoxe are small Swedish birds so that shows Swedish bird videos of small birds in Sweden.

Fjärilar I Sverige Fjäril Videor & Fjäril Bilder. Klicka På Svensk Fjärilar to translate from Swedish to English Fjärilar I Sverige Fjäril Videor would be Swedish for Butterflies In Sweden & Butterfly Videos Etc.

orm bilder Svensk Orm! Ansiktsmålning & kroppsmåling orm orm translate from swedish to english is snake. That is snake face painting and real snakes found in Sweden

Book Rooms Online Hotel Booking Hotels & Bed And Breakfasts In UK, USA Hotels, Swedish And Danish Hotel Rooms For Rent *Search Best Deals On Hotels For World Travel Online Booking*

Djur Videor & Djur Bilder På Vilda Djur I Sverige Till Danmark via www.Opps.se Videor Sidor Gratis Filmer & Roliga Bilder

Roliga Katter Europe Kattvideor, Katt Bilder Och Katt Videor Zola Min Katt från hn.se hallands nyheter 2013 och allas tidning artikel 2014 Katter från usa live i sverige och svenska katter sidor katt is Swedish word for cat but katter is Swedish word for Cats & katten is Swedish word for cat that would mean a certain cat Etc.

Click pictures of Sweden & Photos of Denmark to see pictures and photo galleries from Sweden And Denmark Online.

Varberg Sweden Funny Pictures Of Funny Stuff Kids Did To Swedish Statue In City Of Varberg Sweden

Strömstad Sweden Famous Statue In City Of Stromstad 

Click Swedish pictures & view big pictures of Sweden Online 

Bilder På Måsar I Strömstad Hamn A harbor in Sweden

Sure no mother goose pictures it's more like father & mother duck family with baby ducklings no ugly duckling in that beautiful duck family eh. Grin

Grey Heron At Beach In Sweden

Swedish Bird Pictures Of White Swan Family With Father And Mom Taking Babies For A Piggy Back Ridge grin  Sweden has some of the world's most beautiful birds & the most beautiful animals in the world

Bilder På Strand I Halland Sverige Stränder I Europa

Pictures of Swedish Ocean & Swedish Beach Picctures Of Kärradal Sverige Swedish Pictures Of Ocean Birds In Sweden. Beautiful Swedish Beach Photos Stork Like Birds Big Bird At The Ocean Photos Opps.Se Websites Copyright Material

Videos and photos of Sweden & Denmark Copyrights Of US At www.opps.se Sverige


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Churches in Sweden are there to show some of the world's most beautiful buildings. Old Swedish architecture world's most amazing & world's most beautiful buildings in SE

Photos of Sweden Show Big Pictures Of Sweden When You Click The Photos Of Sweden And Denmark On Opps Site

Swedish Art Gallery Sells Paintings From Sweden Online. We Ship Art From Sweden Around The World!

Click photos of Swedish art gallery paintings for sale online & view big photos paintings from Sweden. You can buy art from Sweden online via my art gallery for art from Sweden for sale on art auctions in English via www.buyart.ws

Svenska Videor Och Bilder Från Danmark Till Sverige opps.se videor, bilder, karta, nyheter och väder i sverige och danmark. Svensk Karta, Dansk Karta (Europa Karta! Gratis Karta och sidor på sverige)

  Dog face painting pictures of Fortress in Varberg Sweden in background on my blue sad dog face painting. The dog painted at Varberg Swedens harbor is just one of a few face paintings I did in Sweden that day. I will update videos and photos with news and art etc then try to update photos and videos of face painting blogs etc.

News Articles, News Videos & News Online via Swedish News & Swedish Videos Copyright © www.Opps.se

Swedish News, Swedish Videos, Swedish Photos Of Sweden And Denmark Online Video Websites, Photo Websites and Swedish News Websites For Swedish News In English Online.

    This OPPS.SE Websites For Swedish News In English With Pictures Of Sweden To Denmark Travel & Travel Videos And Video Blogs From Americans Living In Sweden. On My Swedish Website Opps.se you can watch videos from Sweden And Denmark & read Swedish news in English with articles about Sweden & about life in Sweden for Americans that live in Europe via Swedish Video Blogs In English From Denmark And Sweden Online. Fun travel ideas for travel to scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark online. More cool websites to buy art online and find photos and videos of paintings and art with funny videos of funny animals and cool websites by us the makers of Opps.se below are the websites I have or had left at the time I tried to restore my cool websites webpages

Buy art from Sweden & paintings from Sweden on art auctions online with shipping from Sweden on Art Auctions

www.zolas.info My beautiful baby Zola the talking cats website with cat videos and photos of my cat Zola whom sadly passed away leaving me lost out here alone in Sweden with a sickness and sadness inside me that shall remain until I am lucky enough to die and be with my baby Zola in Heaven.

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola Min Katt Har Somnat In På Göteborgs Djursjukhus

American Video Blogs From Sweden In English By Americans Living In Sweden Or Maybe An American Living In Europe For Now I Have No Idea What I Will Do Or Where I Will Be Eh.

OPPS.SE NYHETER, VIDEOR OCH BILDER FRÅN SVERIGE OCH DANMARK Copyrights Opps.se. News Articles, News Videos & News Online via Swedish News & Swedish Videos Copyright © www.Opps.se

www.opps.se Swedish News Websites In English & Swedish Video Websites With Pictures And Information About Sweden And Denmark. Video Blogs By Americans Living In Sweden. Scandinavian Countries Most Beautiful Places In The World

Book Travel Online Travel Adventure Trips World Travel Booking Online Adventure Tours in Sweden Adventure Tours In Asia And UK Travel Agencies Book Travel To USA / World Travel Booking Online Adventure Trips / Travel Guides In Sweden, Denmark, USA & Travel Around The World Trips

Midsummers Eve In Swedish News Videos Of Swedish Midsummer Eve Party & About Sweden's Midsummer Eve Traditions & About History Of Sweden Midsummers Eve

Buy Art Online Art Gallery In Sweden Sales Art From Sweden Online & Swedish Gallery Ships Around The World With Some Worldwide Shipping Free

Swedish Art Gallery In English Page 2 More Art Photos And Art Videos Shows Art From Sweden Online Here

Swedish Videos of Islands In Sweden & Pictures Islands In Sweden And Denmark via Island Videos & photos of Islands In Scandinavia

Swedish Videos Of Sweden Deer In The Wild In Sweden via Swedish Video Blogs From Sweden Wild Deer Footage

Seagull Videos & Seagull Photos Swedish Seagulls In Sweden Shows Why I Love Seagulls & Birds In Sweden

Varberg Sweden Fortress Videos & Pictures Of Sweden's Fortress In Varberg Sweden! should change to varberg fastning and update it to repair again

American Healthcare vs European Healthcare Truth About Healthcare in Europe VS USA