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Links below for tents for sale & bush craft aka bushcraft blogs tips on how to make shelters, how to survive in the woods and wild, living in tents and how to build cabins & buy cabin tents and make your own home in the wild living in the woods etc by opps.se

Cat Dinner Party 70 X 50 CM

buy original art online Swedish art gallery sells paintings & art from sweden. Buy dog and cat paintings on sale funny cat dinner party paintings of dog & cats having dinner on stretched canvas 70X50 CM Paintings

Zolas Restaurant 70 X 50 CM

November 2014 I am back for bit

 Funny Cat And Dog Paintings

Original Konst

Swedish Video Blogs From Sweden Coming

    Swedish Videos Below Shows Land In The Ocean More Of Small Piece Of Land In Sweden That Could Be Too Small To Consider An Island To Some People Eh. I will change the video to a video blog or videos to show places in Sweden like the Swedish social services and government buildings with some listings to help people find places in Sweden that my help or may not help people in Sweden etc..

Swedish Healthcare System & Help In Sweden Costs Almost Free In Every Way

American Healthcare vs European Healthcare Truth About Healthcare in Europe VS USA

   American people know how capitalism works vs socialism if they move from the usa to countries in Europe. Doctors and Medics are paid by the government in Sweden so the charges for medical services and emergency care is next to nothing. In Sweden health care costs so much less. In Sweden emergency care and ambulance rides to the hospitals free or costs next to nothing. For the cost of less than a meal in america you can get an ambulance to the hospital and seen by doctors in Sweden etc. Think how many people in America die due to lack of money to get help when they are ill or need medications etc. In Europe that is unheard of since people matter no matter how much money they have or how much money they make etc.

   Socialism vs Capitalism! Communism VS Freedom truth about socialist countries with socialist governments vs American Capitalism and Communist Countries. Articles written by Americans Living In Sweden That Report World News Online With The Truth About Life In Sweden VS USA. Truth About Swedish Life & Swedish Social Services In Countries In Europe VS American Social Security And Social Services or lack of services and help in the usa

   Truth about Sweden shows the downside of Swedish Social Services & Truth About The Swedish Government VS American Government & American Social Services. If you are an american married a Swedish man or married Swedish woman the social services in Sweden will not help you get out of your marriage even if you are a dual citizen and are a Swedish Citizen also. The Swedish Social Services Or Swedish Government will not provide you with shelter or a home and land nor will the Swedish Social Services or Swedish Government give you enough for a bus ride to and from a job or for return ticket to your home country since the Swedish government says the Swedish wife or Swedish husbands responsible to care and help her husband or help his wife in Sweden. It is easy to become homeless in Sweden if you married a Swedish person that will not help if you hit hard times and loss your job or income etc. Being homeless in cold countries is not fun it can be painful and scary etc. I am sure it is safter in Sweden than in the usa for homeless people and the usa social services or government would probably not help homeless people either eh.

   Are there homeless people in Sweden? Yes there are homeless people in Sweden. How do people become homeless and does the Swedish Government Help Homeless people in Sweden? Not all people in Sweden get help not sure if any do but that's sadly life eh. Some Swedish people I have talked with seem to say the homeless people in Sweden you see begging on streets in Sweden and Denmark are fake homeless people trying to look homeless for money. It seems like Swedish people often think these fake homeless people are all part of a european gang or european mafia from other countries in Europe that live near Sweden and Denmark. I am sure not all the homeless people in Sweden and Denmark are pretending to be homeless. Since the Swedish Government And Social Services In Sweden Do Not Help Married People And Says It Is The Husband Or Wife's Responsibility To Help Their Spouse You Can See How A Bad Marriage Can Make One Of The People Homeless With No Help And No Hope For Help From The Swedish Government Or Social Services In Sweden. This however can happen in the usa to americans also just as easy as it can in any country or any other parts of the world. The best way to avoid this is simply do not marry and stay away from people.

Free Music Videos Online Live From Live Concerts In Sweden And Denmark Live

Musik Opps.se Svenska Musikvideor Och Musik Nyheter Sverige Och Danmark Musik Klicka På Musik Från Opps.se Musikvideor Click the photos of Denmark and Sweden Concerts Live To View Free Music Videos And Photos From Live Concerts With Live Music Videos & Music News Online Music Reviews Of The World's Best Bands In Sweden And Denmark. American Musicians Playing Live In Europe!

Swedish Video Blogs Shows One Of My First Video Blogs From Åskloster Sweden

  Opps.se Swedish Videos Shows Sweden And Denmark Online. Swedish travel videos show Danish And Swedish Travel from trips I made by ferry boat and bus etc. When I was making money online with google and making money online with my past american websites buy working as an affiliate marketer for american affiliate programs I used the money I made online to buy tickets and pay for travel to places in Sweden and Denmark. This website shows travel video blogs and Swedish films made in Sweden and Denmark in English as well as some Swedish videos where I speak Swedish for Swedish people to understand more about the videos etc. When I could no longer live and work in Sweden by making money online I tried selling art in Sweden live in Varberg Sweden at the Swedish Market Place in the center of the city. I also tried to make a living by working online with European affiliate marketing programs to make money online so I could make enough to work and live in Sweden.

Opps.Se Swedish News In English Americans Live In Sweden Reports News etc

When asked what I thought of Sweden I always said what I still say about life in sweden. I always said & always will say I LOVE THE ANIMALS AND NATURE IN SWEDEN

Roliga Djur Videor Roliga Katt Och Djur Bilder Vilda Djur Videor & Husdjur Videor Och Bilder På Fåglar Och Djur I Europa

    Funny animal videos of funny animals, ocean life with fish and oceanlife in Sweden as well as video blogs with wild animal videos and photos with wildlife shows nature in sweden. Those videos are in Swedish and English but most of the websites Swedish text for Swedish for people in Sweden to find photos and wildlife videos of animals in Sweden and Denmark online. No need to translate from Swedish to English on the funny animal videos and ocean life in Sweden for the photos or pictures of animals and ocean life on that video websites easy to follow in ways. I may not translate from Swedish to English on all my video websites and pages in Swedish for Sweden and Denmark but watching movies and watching videos with films of animals and wildlife shows universal films in ways for the language of love as animals give is universal no needed to translate from Swedish to English there eh. I do not hate people but I do not feel I fit in with any types of people for in ways I feel more comfortable and safe around the animals and would be more than happy to live in nature with the animals for the rest of my way too long life. I love all types of animals & love being near the ocean and beaches as well as the forests and woods etc. so there are lots of animal videos and nature films to watch online from my Swedish website opps.se


Konst Bilder, Konst Videor, Konstgalleri Varberg Halland Konst Till Salu På Nätet Och Konstgalleri Sverige

God Jul Europa! Christmas Videos Christmas Photos With Christmas Art Christmas Cards & Swedish News Video Blogs Information About Christmas In Sweden & Denmark

Klicka På Jul Sverige Och Jul I Danmark

GOD JUL KORT GRATIS Jul E KORT & Köpa Handmålade Jul Kort Försäljning Funny Christmas Cards For Sale In Swedish And In English Online!

Another Face In Another Place! World's Most Beautiful Face Paintings Or World's Most Unusual Face Paintings With Beautiful Swedish Backgrounds. Artists Face Painted Video Blogs Online Video Blogs From Sweden Shows Swedish Video Blogs In English For Another Face In Another Place Face Blogs From Artists And Face Painters In Sweden Shows Beautiful Faces In Beautiful Places in Sweden & Travel Videos and Photos via Photo blog and video blog from Traveling Face Painter Live In Sweden Shows Face Paintings From Sweden

Free online converters show what you need to convert prices and sizes of our art online & convert money online from usd to sek convert money online from usd to euro etc. You can find free online money converters and convert sizes online with CM To IN as well as Miles To KG convert Kilometers To Miles! Centimeters To Inches! Money Converters Online

   Free online converters help convert usd to sek and euro to english pounds etc. Convert sizes of paintings and art prices for americans online to convert from us to metric and world currency converters online free. This helps if you buy art from Sweden listed in SEK to convert SEK To USD & Convert CM TO IN Etc.

Another Face In Another Place Swedish Video Blogs By Face Painter Hilary Leigh In Sweden

June 2013 Face Painters Video Blogs Another Face In Another Place Page 2 Swedish Blogs by Face Painter In Sweden

2014 Videos From Apelviken Sweden & Varberg Sweden Summer Face Painting Blogs *2014 Another Face In Another Beautiful Place*

Swedish Art Gallery In Sweden Shows Art From Sweden Online Sold Art & Paintings For Sale In Europe via European Art Gallery Between Varberg & Gothenburg Sweden

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Roliga Katter Europe Kattvideor, Katt Bilder Och Katt Videor Zola Min Katt från hn.se hallands nyheter 2013 och allas tidning artikel 2014 Katter från usa live i sverige och svenska katter sidor katt is Swedish word for cat but katter is Swedish word for Cats & katten is Swedish word for cat that would mean a certain cat Etc.

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OUCH my arm after years of numbness in my arm due to over working in Sweden my arm started to look like it is deformed. I half worked myself to death trying to get back home to the usa to rebuild a life back home for me and my cat zola before she passed. My arm was numb for years as I worked typing etc. sad to say I never made enough to get Zola and I back home to the usa and Zola died may 2014 ouch my foot  summer of 2014. Trying to live in a tent or forests and hidden places does not mean people should spend all day and night walking or hicking and use tents as storage places to store things a bit of rest and fun in life is more healthy living

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    The truth about life in Sweden VS USA life. Swedish Social Services In Sweden VS American Social Services & USA Government VS Swedish. European Health Care Saves Lives American Health Care & American Doctors Did Not Care About People Only About Money. USA VS EUROPE Life, Health Care, Social Services Help From Government & Homeless In USA VS Sweden Homeless People In Need Of Help. How Life In Sweden VS American Life Is Different.

    Life in Europe can be beautiful but when other people are involved in your life no matter what country you live and work in it can be the end of life or make living hard. My number one rule that shows always to be true is avoid people in life and you will be better off. Do not let people use you or you will have nothing left for yourself & nothing left of yourself. Avoid people & never ask anyone for help with anything in life. Just remember people are human and the last part of the word inhumane is human. Good luck and wish me luck for I have started over with nothing so many times after working unreal hours most of my life and being well used up to the point not much of myself is left in ways. Though I may never be retired I am very tired now days eh *grin and cry* 2013

I have many articles to redo & upload again. For now life for me is not well nor am I feeling well now days. I hope I can repair at least my pages to the point they were prior & I hope to repair my life in ways or make it back home to start over but really at this point nothing matters anymore.

www.zolas.info Min Katt Zola Roliga Katt Sidor Kattvideor & Kattbilder (USA Katten Talande)

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola Min Katt Har Somnat In På Göteborgs Djursjukhus

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Buy art from Sweden & paintings from Sweden on art auctions online with shipping from Sweden on Art Auctions

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American Video Blogs From Sweden In English By Americans Living In Sweden Or Maybe An American Living In Europe For Now I Have No Idea What I Will Do Or Where I Will Be Eh.

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