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  On midsummer's Eve in Sverige everything seems to close for the midsummer eve celebration and people head near beaches or lands to celebrate midsummer together. Swedish cities can be packed with traffic and people coming and going to the celebration through out the day on midsummer. Swedish families gather and celebrate with songs and dance as they have in the past traditions of Midsummers. The children dance and sing along to a frog song and some of the adults and parents even join in with the Swedish kids dancing. The Swedish Children dance to a funny frog song as they dance and almost seem to be hoping around while singing the song. Next year for Midsummer in Sweden I will try to get that Swedish Dance on video also.

    Some Swedish people start their midsummer celebrations by picking flowers and making wreaths to hand on maypoles. The maypole is a pole the Swedes dance around for Midsummer's Eve in Sweden. The maypole is put up in an open area for Swedish people to gather and dance around while singing swedish songs. Photos of the maypole and videos of the dancing around the maypole can be found on this website for information about Midsummer in Sweden and about Swedish History and Culture.

   Midsummer Eve in Sweden lots of Swedish families eat potatoes and fresh strawberries with cream as well as fish or a grilled or bbq meal. Swedes get together and have large parties with families, friends, neighbors and even continue their own parties at home after leaving social events. Swedish girls and guys of legal age drink cold beer and schnapps sometimes to celebrate Midsummer in Sweden. Swedish tradition and culture form the past tells of how Swedes would dance outside near lakes and oceans or in the hills and wooded areas ect.

   On the way home from midsummer parties Swedish girls and Swedish women would 7 pick different flowers and place their hand picked flowers under their pillows at night. The Swedish tradition of picking flowers and placing them under their pillows was said to be in hopes that their future husbands would appear to them in their dreams that night. Midsummer's is said to be a magical time for love and finding ones love ect.

 Midsummer Eve in Sweden fell on June 19 in 2009. Sweden's celebrate midsummer eve in the day and drink and party to celebrate in the evening as well. The Midsummer celebration in Sweden is a special event that comes when it is Swedish Summer time. In the north parts of Sweden it does not get dark at all during Midsummers yet in the South of Sweden it gets dark for a few hours during the night. The days are long in Swedish summer time but, in winter the days are so short and it is mostly dark in sweden. In the North of Sweden it does not seem to get light during the day near midwinter's. I was living in Southern Sweden for June 19, 2009 MidSummers Celebrations and parties to celebrate midsummer in the Nordic Countries. The videos or films from Sweden shows Halland Sweden's Midsummer Eve Parties and Celebrations from the south of Sweden by Hilary Leigh aka me.

    In Norway, Finland, and Denmark they have a celebration of their own. The Finish, Danish, and Norwegian summer parties are not like the Midsummer Eve celebrations in Sweden. Sweden seems to be the only country that really does celebrate Midsummer Eve in such ways. Midsummer Eve is a well known summer party special to Swedens.

  Though the Norwegian, Danish and Finish celebrations are not the same traditions as Swedish Midsummer they still celebrate midsummer in very cool Nordic Traditions and Fun Scandinavian Ways. In Norway, Finland and Denmark the have bon fires and celebrate what is called Saint Hans or Sankt Hans. Dänen und Norweger Sankt Hans. Danish parties, finish parties and norwegian parties are a bit different but, they of course celebrate near this time since it is mostly a nordic event and celebration. Sweden is known for Midsummer Eve and seems to be the best country to visit for a real Midsummer Eve Party!

      Read above about Nordic Parties and Nordic Celebrations on Midsummer eve. If you searched mid summers eve and were wanting to know about mid summers eve in Europe you can read about midsummers eve here. June 19th is Mid Summers Eve this year. Every 7th year June 19th could be the largest festival or largest festivals in Sweden for it could be the day Midsummer's Eve Celebrations hit. If you travel to Sweden in summer time be sure to make it for the amazing Midsummer's Eve Party via one of Sweden's biggest festivals and celebrations for the summer time coming.

   Europe is the most beautiful place the world. Sweden is one of the countries in Europe that has the most beautiful beaches and landscapes etc. There is a lot of nature and forests in Sweden to celebrate with families in the woods or nature for Midsummer's Eve celebrations also. not all Swedish people go to the city to celebrate at the Midsummers Eve Festivals in Sweden.. In ways Midsummer  is or was a time for love since it seems many Swedish people get married on Midsummer's Eve or celebrate anniversaries etc. Midsummer Eve is a very special day for us here in Sweden for it is my first Midsummer's in Sweden.

     Midsummer's Eve 2010 The Swedish Crown Princess had her wedding party in Stockholm Sweden which was broadcasting live on Swedish Television. The Royal Family even had a Wedding Train set up to take people to the Swedish Princesses Wedding. Of course the Royal Family is born into royalty and the position to represent the Country as a public figure.

    The Swedish king does not speak politics and deal with political matters as you would if you were the Prime Minister or President of a country. Even the most extreme right wing republicans in europe are not near as stupid as the republicans in the united states. People in European Countries do not know of such injustice and control as they have to live with in American life via usa.

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