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Gothenburg Videos, Gothenburg Photos Of Gothenburg Sweden Live Video Blogs From Travel To Gothenburg Sweden

Midsummer Eve in Sweden via Swedish Midsummers Eve Party Videos & Photos of Swedish people dancing & having Swedish party for Midsummer Eve

Midsummers Eve In Swedish News Videos Of Swedish Midsummer Eve Party & About Sweden's Midsummer Eve Traditions & About History Of Sweden Midsummers Eve

Social Services In Sweden & Help From Swedish Government Truth About Swedish Life Articles From Americans Living In Sweden Shows Good And Bad Sides To Life In Sweden Online News

Truth About Swedish Gov. Help In Sweden from Swedish Social Services & Swedish Government *Sweden VS USA Life For Americans VS Swedish News Articles Online With American Health Care VS Europe Health Care & Socialism etc*

Valborg Videos Filmed in Sweden Shows Swedish Spring Time Party Celebration In Swedens City Varberg. Valborg Swedish Festival

Valborg Video Filmed In Sweden Shows Swedish Party Celebration For Spring Time In Sweden

Pictures Of Hamlets Castle In Denmark Shows One Of The World's Most Famous Castles Said To Be One Of The Worlds Most Haunted Castles In Europe via Scandinavian Castles. Click the picture of Hamlets Castle Known In Europe As Kronborg Castle In Denmark To See Big Pictures And Videos Of Hamlets Castle With The History Of Kronborg Castle And Tales Of Hauntings At Kronborg Castle The World Famous Danish Castle In Kronborg

Danish History Of Denmark Castle Kronborg Castle Aka Hamlets Castle History

Hamlets Castle in Denmark! Photos of Hamlets Castle, Videos of Hamlets Castle and information about Hamlets Castle below. HAMLETS CASTLE one of Europe's most beautiful castles said to be one of the most haunted castles in the world! Hamlets castle and more photos, videos, information about Denmark and Nordic Culture ect.

     Hamlet's castle was built in the 1420's. The first building of Hamlet's castle *also called Kronborg Castle or Elsinore Castle In Denmark* was built as a fortress. The Danish King Erik of Pomerania first started the creating of the Kronborg Castle. After the Danish king Erik of Pomerania was no longer at the castle to rebuild and continue building the castle came King Fredrick the 2nd. In the late 16th century Kronborg Castle aka Elsinore Castle in Denmark became more known as a utilitarian Fortress like a Fairy Tale style castle. Hamlets castle aka Castle Kronborg was rebuilt with marble fireplaces and paintings on the ceiling. The castle name changed from Krogen Castle to Kronborg Castle which most Danish and Europeans still call the castle. Around 1629 a fire hit Denmarks Kronborg castle and the Swedish took over the castle. The Queen of Denmark at the time was jailed in the castle tower for having an affair with one of the kings doctors. Years later the Kronborg castle was converted into a prison or slave prison and later barracks were added to the castle. The castles said to have been abandon prior to Sir Laurence Olivier taking over the castle for a performance of Hamlet making this castle one of the worlds most famous castles.

   In 1922 Kronborg Castle went through major changes to restore the castle to its 16th century style. Some of the Danish call the hall in the castle The Great Hall. The castles hall is said to be one of the longest in Scandinavia. In the castle you will also find a slab of stone with a statue of the Viking king Holger Danske. The statue of the viking king Holger Danske is said to be guarding the castle or waiting to rise up and fight enemy intruders or anyone that would try to take over the castle ect. There is a chapel on the castle grounds and even a Danish Museum located on Hamlet's Castle grounds which is open all year for people to visit the Danish castle and book tours of Kronborg castle for fun travel ideas and sight seeing in Denmark.

Hamlets Castle Video Shows Danish Castle Kronborg So Called Haunted Castle

Videos Of Hamlets Castle Shows Video Blogs From Sweden Helsingborg To Helsingor Sweden To Denmark European Castles Caught On Video From Scandlines Ferries In EU

Hamlets Castle, Video and Photos of Hamlet's Castle with information about Hamlets Castle aka Elsinore Castle in Denmark taken on boat on the way from Helsingborg Sweden To Helsingor Denmark. Haunted Castles in Europe one of the worlds most haunted places. Castle known to be haunted as Hamlet Ghosts or Hamlet Castle hauntings.

Djur Videor! Djur Bilder Husdjur! Vilda Djuren *Swedish wildlife films and videos of wild animals in Sweden & funny pet videos of domestic animals and pets in Sweden And Denmark Online Here For Animals And Wildlife Films From Europe

   Funny animal videos of funny animals and wild animal videos and photos with wildlife and nature in sweden there is in Swedish for people in Sweden to find but photos and videos of animals are easy to find online by pictures or thumbnails of animals there. I may not translate from Swedish to English on all my video websites and pages in Swedish for Sweden and Denmark but watching movies and watching videos with films of animals and wildlife shows universal films in ways for the language of love as animals give is universal no translating needed eh.


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Swedish Videos of Islands In Sweden & Pictures Islands In Sweden And Denmark via Island Videos & photos of Islands In Scandinavia! World's Most Beautiful Islands & Beaches In The Most Beautiful Country In The World Swedens Island videos etc.

Swedish Photos of Storms Berit in Sweden! Swedish Weather Photos & Swedish Weather Videos Online

Another Face In Another Place! World's Most Beautiful Face Paintings Or World's Most Unusual Face Paintings With Beautiful Swedish Backgrounds. Artists Face Painted Video Blogs Online Video Blogs From Sweden Shows Swedish Video Blogs In English For Another Face In Another Place Face Blogs From Artists And Face Painters In Sweden Shows Beautiful Faces In Beautiful Places in Sweden & Travel Videos and Photos via Photo blog and video blog from Traveling Face Painter Live In Sweden Shows Face Paintings From Sweden.

Swedish Island Videos And Pictures Of Islands In Sweden With Maps via Free Maps of Sweden & Swedish Island Maps Online Shows Islands & Places In Sweden On Free Google Earth or Google Maps & Free Maps Of Sweden And Denmark Online via Free Map Pages With Maps Of Europe.

Another Face In Another Place Swedish Video Blogs By Face Painter Hilary Leigh In Sweden

June 2013 Face Painters Video Blogs Another Face In Another Place Page 2 Swedish Blogs by Face Painter In Sweden

Swedish Art Gallery In Sweden Shows Art From Sweden Online Sold Art & Paintings For Sale In Europe via European Art Gallery Between Varberg & Gothenburg Sweden

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Varberg Sweden Fortress Videos & Pictures Of Sweden's Fortress In Varberg Sweden! Varberg Sweden Fortress Videos also have Information About The Swedish Fortress & History Of Wars Between Sweden And Denmark History Of Swedish Fortress In Varberg Sweden Online there with videos and photos of the fortress said to be haunted but no Swedish people I talk to have ever seen the ghosts. Anytime I have filmed or viewed the Swedish fortress the grey lady ghost legends still hiding *grin*.

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