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Klicka Roliga Ko Video & Spela Roliga Video Ko Älskar Ko. Roliga Ko Videor Från Sommar I Åskloster Sverige 2012. Jag Älskar Kor Och Alla Djuren.

    Funny Videos & Funny Photos of my funny friends shows cow videos and funny pictures of Swedish cows over the years to show how my reunion with the cows changes in time. Watch before and after videos that shows how the cows react for the reaction in the videos and pictures of cows shows not only do I love the cows but the beautiful animals now have started to love me or show me love in ways. I have improved lots with making movies or films and videos of animals now for in ways I have learned to not be so wild and let the excitement of seeing such animals take over my body and mind eh grin. I am excited being near animals still but now days I film videos and movies of animals like a pro Grin.

   Funny animal videos of funny animals shows my funny babies via cows in the rain in Sweden. Sorry the cow videos not the best video online to show the Swedish cows but it was raining and cold weather in Sweden while filming and the digital camera I use for films, movies and videos had the camera shutter part closed. This cow video should be under stupid videos of stupid people doing stupid stuff since I sound stupid but it is only that I missed the cows so much and was so excited at the reunion with my babies.

  Swedish Travel Videos Shows Online Photos Pictures Of Sweden & Swedish Travel Video Blogs Show Swedish News Videos For Swedish News And Travel Videos Online From USA To Sweden To Denmark etc

    Cow videos different clips of cows filmed a day or two in May 2013 sure not my best videos more like shaking home videos at times when I am so happy to see my babies again. I love swedish spring and summer since I love the cows and the cows come home or outside my home every spring. I was lucky to live near the ocean and cows in Sweden. Yes the cow being loved is 1300 and if you look to the years past and new videos you may get to know my babies by the numbers and way they react in videos to me for the reaction in videos and live shows what cows love me most grin. I love all animals a bit too much eh.

   Cow Video 1 Shows my first films of the cows and first time I saw the bulls and cows in Askloster Sweden aka Åskloster Sverige. The cow videos a funny video of funny cows ignoring me with pictures of the cows and bulls in Sweden as I was working on films to make video blogs from Sweden near 9-11-2011. The 9/11 videos from a nature walk to make movies and films for Swedish news websites but as we see I did not get far either of the days for the cows were too beautiful to pass by and not watch *grin*. Cow reunion videos shows funny reunion videos of me with the cows after making friends with my babies *yes I call the cows my babies and tell them I am their mama because I feel they are like babies yet more animal babies for humans are not so furry when they are babies eh grin.*

  Cow Video 2 Shows Funny Cows I Love Following Me. The video shows Swedish cows in the Swedish cow videos above filmed in Sweden a bit later to show cows following me when I go to film the cows in Sweden. I often feed the cows and jump the fence to pet the cows and show the cows I love them all. To me the cows are like my babies so at times it is a touching reunion or homecoming when the cows come home to me. The American saying when the cows come home has more meaning in ways to me now *grin*.

  Swedish summer is short and winters are cold and long so every year I am so happy to see the cows that I sound stupid or may act stupid while I film the cows. Some of what I say is in English to explain the videos while at times talking Swedish to the cows for the cows are Swedish so they of course understand Swedish more than my English *grin*

Mina Bästa Kompisar

Klicka På Rolig Ko Bilder För Större Kor Bild. Halland Kor Bilder Halland Kor I Åskloster Sverige. Jag Älskar Kor Och Alla Djuren I Sverige, USA & Europa ETC.

Jag Älskar Kor & Alla Djuren

Mina Älsklingar I Halland Sverige

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Klicka Tält Bild För Större Tält Bild. Hav I Årnäs Sverige Augusti 2014.

Klilcka Bilder På Årnäs Kor För Större Ko Bilder. Kor I Årnäs SE

Kor Bilder Ko I Årnäs Sverige 2014 Before The End And More. Saved by animals with a look eh

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köpa konst kort och små konstgalleri konst försäljing i halland sverige och konstauktioner på nätet salu små konst Små Konstgalleri

100W 12V Photonic Universe folding solar panel kit for charging a battery in a camper / caravan / boat, made of BOSCH solar cells

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Gratis Karta Tjörn Ö Karta På Tjörn Ö I Sverige (Svensk Ö)  Gratis Karta På Tjörn Ö Online Karta Google Maps Of Swedish Island Tjorn Island In Sweden Maps Free


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