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Bird Videos Bird Photos Of Birds In Sweden & Denmark. European Birds And Seagulls With Ducks And Wild Birds In Europe *Translate from Swedish To English Word Fåglar Och Måsar would mean Birds And Seagulls* Videor och Bilder would translate from Swedish to English Videos & Photos!

Fåglar Och Måsar Videor & Bilder You can buy UK bird feeders and UK bird food online from the uk pet shop online English pet supply stores etc.

Apelviken Väder Apelviken Videor & Bilder På Apelviken & Lilla Apelvikin Camping Och Surf

Apelviken Sverige Och Lilla Apelviken Videor & Apelviken Camping. Väder På Apelviken Sverige camping videos and tent camping pictures of ocean and beach campsites with animals and nature videos from Halland Sweden via World Famous Campsite In Apelviken Sweden

Åskloster Karta Hallands Väder & Åskloster Sverige

 Halland Maps Swedish Art Gallery Shows Google Maps & Street Maps Of Sweden From Halland Swedens Art Gallery In Åskloster Sverige Online Opps.se Maps Of Sweden Art Gallery In Halland SE Swedish maps of Sweden with opps.se swedish art gallery & past videos and photos with swedish weather and life in Sweden via Askloster

Åskloster Väder *Hallands Väder Halland Åskloster SE My first Swedish Video Blog From The Ocean In Sweden Online With My Old Photos Of Sweden

European Weather, European Maps Of Europe & European News In English

Stockholm Karta Stockholm Väder och Nyheter, Böka Hotell I Stockholm

Varberg Väder Hallands Väder & Varberg Karta

Göteborg Videor Och Göteborg Bilder via Göteborg Nyheter & Konst Till Salu Från Göteborg Konstgalleri

Göteborg Videor, Göteborg Bilder, Nyheter, Väder, Göteborg Karta På Goteborg Sverige

Strömstad Sverige Information About Sweden Online via Information About Swedish City And Harbor Located In Stromstad Sweden

Strömstad Sverige Photos & Videos Of Sweden City Online Stromstad!

Varberg Sverige Videor, Bilder På Varberg & Varbergs Fästning Videor

Varberg Sverige Bilder På Varbergs Hamn Båtar I Varberg Sverige Varberg Strand Bilder & Varberg Nyheter Information Varberg Kommun

Varberg Fortress Videos Varberg Fortress Photos Of Sweden via Varbergs Fortress History Swedish News In English About Varbergs Fästning for US

Midsommer I Sverige Midsommer Videor Och Midsommar Bilder På Midsommar I Varberg

Midsommer I Sverige

Färje Videor Och Bilder På Svensk Färje & Dansk Färje Jag älskar havet

Varberg Grenå Stena Line Färja Videor, Bilder Och Färjebiljetter Stena Line Nautica Färja Videor

Valborg Videor, Valborg Bilder Valborg I Sverige

Valborg I Varberg Videor Och Bilder Från Varberg Sverige (VALBORG) Swedish Celebrations For People Living In Sweden

Swedish Nature Resorts Near Varberg Sweden Shows Swedish Nature Resort With Birds And Animals Live In Sweden

Gamla Köpstad Videor Och Bilder På Gamla Köpstad. Svensk Ö Karta. Bild Och Video Blogg Från Rödskär Och Svartskär Naturreservat

  Swedish Video Shows Swedish Bridge Over The Ocean In Sweden As We Travel To Sweden via Swedish Island Tjorn as seen in the videos of Swedish travel and islands in Sweden And Denmark Online. Places In Europe and Scandinavia Shows To Be The World's Most Beautiful & Best Places In The World To Live And Work in Or Just Travel to view the most beautiful beaches, islands and places.

Swedish Island Videos Shows Tjorn Island In Sweden Filmed On Swedish Islands

Swedish Isands & Beaches in Sweden and Denmark are some of the most beautiful places in the world. If you wanted to find the world's most beautiful countries or the most beautiful places in the world to live or travel to Sweden and Denmark & all scandinavian countries are on the top list of the most beautiful places in the world as well as the most peaceful places in the world with lots of beauty and nature all around.

More to come when I have time but mostly working on Swedish pages on this site now

   Click the pictures of Swedish Island Tjorn via Tjörn Ö bilder to show the world's most beautiful islands in Sweden via big pictures that shows more detail and parts of the Island

  Swedish bridge over ocean video shows bridges in Sweden built over oceans. Sad history about Swedish bridge over ocean from Sweden to Denmark can be found online on opps.se Swedish websites about Sweden online here. In the past the bridge leading to Sweden Island Tjörn was damaged by a boat passing under the bridge. Sadly many Swedes crossing over the bridge in cars and such could not tell the bridge had been damaged since it was dark at the time. Lots of Swedish people lost their lives after driving into the water under the bridge. In ways it makes for a sad stories about Swedish history that is almost haunting in ways. The people on other side of the bridge were said to have tried to flag the people down to stop them from driving into the ocean but most of the people on the other side of the bridge were not seen in time. The bridge over the ocean leading to the Island Tjörn is beautiful but, the Swedish History Of The Bridge that tells the story about the bridge over the ocean breaking is a sad story that can take away from the beauty of the bridge and replace it with a sad feeling when you drive over the bridge.

old island video blogs or photo blogs from islands in sweden pages to share island life old text below shall change with updated news videos and information about swedish islands etc

   There are lots of islands in Sweden and Denmark. The place in Sweden with the most and most beautiful islands would be Stockholm Sweden or is Stockholm Sweden just the world's most searched places in Sweden *Grin*. Beautiful places to visit and the world's most beautiful places in Sweden via Swedish Islands on video shows islands in Sweden And Denmark on video blogs and photo galleries online to share the world's most beautiful islands and best places to live in the world for nature, beauty, freedom and cost of living vs cost of wages. Sweden and Denmark are some of the best places in the world to live and work or just travel to visit the worlds most beautiful countries with lots of beautiful islands, animals, nature and people. Swedish people are very peaceful and friendly probably some of the world's best places to live is Sweden. To an american living in Sweden it feels like heaven *grin* kinda eh

I am sorry but right now or soon as I can I am changing videos here and adding new island photos and island videos of islands in Sweden and Denmark but for now doing Swedish pages in English or doing pages at all seems to be the last thing in the world I should be doing so the videos and photos with pages I work on will be the ones I feel are the best videos or pages and things that may help me save my ass and life in ways. grin and cry eh. happy 2013 sorry the 2011 videos and others are not back online yet

Bushcraft Survival Tips Swedish Video Blogs Live In Tent In Sweden Shows Amazing Campsites & Camping Gear. How To Build Shelter To Survive In Woods *Video Blogs Photos Of Living In Wild With Animals And Nature Videos Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, How To Survive Life In Wilderness In Europe

Buy camping supplies backpacks, sleeping bags and tents for sale online Bushcraft survival gear & camping supplies for sale! Swedish blogs in English tips on how to build shelters how to survive living in woods live in wild living in tents and survival shelters how to build cabins & buy cabin tents and make your own home in the wild living in the woods by www.opps.se

Cat Dinner Party 70 X 50 CM

buy original art online Swedish art gallery sells paintings & art from sweden. Buy dog and cat paintings on sale funny cat dinner party paintings of dog & cats having dinner on stretched canvas 70X50 CM Paintings

Zolas Restaurant 70 X 50 CM

November 2014 I am back for bit

 Funny Cat And Dog Paintings

Original Konst

Åsklostervägen 37 Hilary Leigh American Artists Gallery

Klicka På Båtar Och Färja Videor, Bilder, Köp Båtar Till Salu. Båt Försäljning. Båt Videor Båt Bilder Och Färja Båtar & Köp Färjebiljetter Online Köp Båtar Till Salu. Båt Försäljning Kayak, Hav Och Sjö Båt Till Salu Köp Båtar Online Boka Färja & Båt Videor Och Bilder På Båtar Och Färje I Europa Online.

Dansk Slott Videor Och Bilder På Dansk Slott Kronborg Slott I Danmark

Klicka På Kronberg Slott Videor Och Dansk Slott Kronborg Bilder Kronborg Danmark

Free Music Videos Online Live From Live Concerts In Sweden And Denmark Live

Musik Opps.se Svenska Musikvideor Och Musik Nyheter Sverige Och Danmark Musik Klicka På Musik Från Opps.se Musikvideor Click the photos of Denmark and Sweden Concerts Live To View Free Music Videos And Photos From Live Concerts With Live Music Videos & Music News Online Music Reviews Of The World's Best Bands In Sweden And Denmark. American Musicians Playing Live In Europe!

Swedish Travel Blogs From Islands In Sweden Shows Beautiful Islands In Europe

   Swedish Videos Survival Video Filmed Going To Swedish Island At The Time I Did Not Want To Survive Life Alone After The Loss Of Zola my baby cat. Zola and I moved from usa to sweden where Zola sadly spent her last moments in life. I got lost in ways with woods and wildlife around after a bit for I realized there was not much left of me or for me in Sweden or life in ways. I guess you can say I went to the woods to live with animals and nature or maybe ran away to the woods and forests to die but ends up the more time I live in nature and the swedish forests and woods with animals and way from people the more I think I want to live and the more I think the world has beauty and beautiful places I have not found yet. It is the animals that heal the hear and soul with a feeling of being as one with nature so maybe I need to runaway and live on an island for the rest of my way too long life eh. Maybe survival skills will kick in and I will learn how to survive life while living on an island or living in the woods instead of thinking of ways to end my life and preparing for death. The more I am away from people the better off I feel maybe I can heal and survive but I have no land or woods of my own to build houses or build a log cabin and shelters so I can only show you how to build survival shelters I later will have to tear down to restore the natural view. I started with not even having a tent when I was out in the forest and woods etc. I work hard for all I have and worked hard for all I had in life. I have so little but material possessions do not matter in life and sure do not matter in death. Losing everything even your will to live can make survival hard in life but we all have built in survival instincts and skills we never know we have until needed.

   Swedish Videos Show Land In The Ocean More Of Small Piece Of Land In Sweden That Could Be Too Small To Consider An Island To Some People Eh. I could not find the name of the island or even see the island claimed but I am sure it is not unclaimed land or unclaimed islands. The Swedish islands that are unclaimed belong to the Swedish Government I am sure. Sadly I am sure they would not just give someone land to live on or build on etc. I was joking around at a hard time in life while filming the video from the island in case you heard me talking about claiming the island as my private island or home grin. Really if the islands name is unclaimed we should call it leigh land (grin) eh. I have found islands for sale via private islands and land for sale with ocean views and woods but at the point in life I was at then being married and with nothing made me with I just had my old life and apartment with Zola back in the usa as it was prior. Having no car or money or life of my own was hard but I had Zola as my reason to work and live to survive until May 2014. This island videos one I made when I realized I was homeless and alone in a world so far from home. Having no home to return to can be a scary experience yet in ways it can also be exciting to think you can live anywhere in the world by living off the land or just find a beautiful place to rest in peace and let go of  the stress and sadness of life etc.

Opps.se Swedish Videos Filmed In Sweden And Denmark To Show The Worlds Most Beautiful Castles With The Most Beautiful Oceans And Landscapes In The World!

Opps.Se Swedish Animal Videos Ocean Life & Wildlife Animal Pictures Online

Roliga Djur Videor Och Djur Bilder Vilda Djur Videor & Husdjur Videor Och Bilder 

    Funny animal videos of funny animals, ocean life with fish and oceanlife in Sweden videos show video blogs with wild animal videos and photos with wildlife and nature in sweden. Videos of Swedish Wildlife and Nature videos in English with Swedish text and some swedish talking in Swedish language for Swedish for people in Sweden to find photos and wildlife videos online. No need to translate from Swedish to English on funny animal videos and ocean videos of life in Swedish waters etc.for photos and videos of animals and ocean life is video easy to follow in ways of the heart with no thoughts needed eh. I may not translate from Swedish to English on all my video websites and pages in Swedish for Sweden and Denmark but watching movies and watching videos with films of animals and wildlife shows universal films in ways for the language of love as animals give is universal no needed to translate from Swedish to English there eh.

Swedish Website Links To Swedish News In English & USA VS Europe Online Video And Photo Blogs About Life In Europe VS USA Life Etc.

American Healthcare vs European Healthcare Truth About Healthcare in Europe VS USA

Truth About Socialism & Truth About Swedish Gov. Help In Sweden from Swedish Social Services & Swedish Government *Sweden VS USA Life For Americans VS Swedish News Articles Online With American Health Care VS Europe Health Care & Socialism & About Socialist Countries and how socialism works*

Social Services In Sweden & Help From Swedish Government Truth About Swedish Life Articles From Americans Living In Sweden Shows Good And Bad Sides To Life In Sweden Online News

Homeless In Sweden VS USA Homeless *Does The Government Help Homeless People & Are There Homeless People In Europe VS USA


Art, Music, Videos, News And Weather In Sweden And Denmark Online By Americans That Live In Sweden

GOD JUL KORT GRATIS EKORT Handmålade Jul Kort Försäljning Funny Christmas Cards For Sale!

Another Face In Another Place! World's Most Beautiful Face Paintings Or World's Most Unusual Face Paintings With Beautiful Swedish Backgrounds. Artists Face Painted Video Blogs Online Video Blogs From Sweden Shows Swedish Video Blogs In English For Another Face In Another Place Face Blogs From Artists And Face Painters In Sweden Shows Beautiful Faces In Beautiful Places in Sweden & Travel Videos and Photos via Photo blog & video blog from Traveling Face Painter

Swedish Island Videos And Pictures Of Islands In Sweden With Maps via Free Maps of Sweden & Swedish Island Maps Online Shows Islands & Places In Sweden On Free Google Earth or Google Maps & Free Maps Of Sweden And Denmark Online Free Map Pages With Maps Of Europe Free

Another Face In Another Place Swedish Video Blogs By Face Painter Hilary Leigh In Sweden

June 2013 Face Painters Video Blogs Another Face In Another Place Page 2 Swedish Blogs by Face Painter In Sweden

2014 Videos From Apelviken Sweden & Varberg Sweden Summer Face Painting Blogs *2014 Another Face In Another Beautiful Place*

Click pictures of Swedish Island Tjorn Below & Find Islands In Sweden Via Big Island Pictures Of Swedish Islands With Travel By Swedish Bridge Over The Ocean Detailed & Full Size Photographs etc.

Swedish Lake Videos & Photos Of Lakes In Sweden Shows Swedish Camping Sites And Canoe Trips With The World's Most Beautiful Lakes And Camping Grounds In The World Online

Fegen Sjö Videor, Fegensjö Bilder På Svensk Sjö Fegen most amazing camp sites in the world for canoe trips on Swedish Lakes And Rivers Etc.


Swedish Islands & Swedish Lakes In Sweden Maps Of Islands & Lakes In Sweden With Photos And Videos via Video Blogs From Swedish And Danish Islands & Lakes With Travel Blogs, Canoe Trips & Camping Videos Of Swedish Camp Grounds Etc

Klicka På Bilder Och Videor Från Svensk Ö Tjörn Ö I Sverige Tjörn Ö I Sverige Tjörn Videor och Bilder På Tjörn Ö I Sverige

Gratis Karta Tjörn Ö Karta På Tjörn Ö I Sverige (Svensk Ö)


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 Svenska Hockey Brynäs IF och Frölunda Hockey Videor Nyheter Göteborg Sverige

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Duck Videos Of Ducks and Ocean Birds On Oceans And Beaches In Sweden Live via Roliga Änder And Video would translate from Swedish 2 English id Duck Video videos in Swedish is videor & And is Swedish 4 Duck. Many ducks in Swedish is Änder

HACKSPETT VIDEOR STÖRRE HACKSPETT BILDER PÅ SVENSK HACKSPETT I VINTER Hackspett translate from Swedish To English would be Woodpecker *as in wood peckers eh*

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Book Rooms Online Hotel Booking Hotels & Bed And Breakfasts In UK, USA Hotels, Swedish And Danish Hotel Rooms For Rent *Search Best Deals On Hotels For World Travel Online Booking*

Cat Videos & Cat Photos Of Cats

Roliga Katter Europe Kattvideor, Katt Bilder Och Katt Videor Zola Min Katt från hn.se hallands nyheter 2013 och allas tidning artikel 2014 Katter från usa live i sverige och svenska katter sidor katt is Swedish word for cat but katter is Swedish word for Cats & katten is Swedish word for cat that would mean a certain cat Etc.

Click Swedish pictures & view big pictures of Sweden Online 

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Switzerland Travel Booking Not Sweden But Switzerland Book Train Tickets & Book Travel By Boat & Ferry Tickets Swiss Travel Booking Online For Switzerland Trips Etc


Christmas Videos Christmas Photos Of Christmas In Denmark With Swedish Xmas Videos And Photos Of Christmas In Sweden Etc

Klicka På Jul Sverige Och Jul I Danmark Videos And Photos Of Christmas In Copenhagen

Photos of Sweden Show Big Pictures Of Sweden When You Click The Photos Of Sweden And Denmark On Opps Site

Svenska Videor Och Bilder Från Danmark Till Sverige opps.se videor, bilder, karta, nyheter och väder i sverige och danmark. Svensk Karta, Dansk Karta (Europa Karta! Gratis Karta och sidor på sverige)

American Video Blogs From Sweden In English By Americans Living In Sweden Or Maybe An American Living In Europe For Now I Have No Idea What I Will Do Or Where I Will Be Eh.

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