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Bird Videos Bird Photos Of Birds In Sweden & Denmark. European Birds And Seagulls With Ducks And Wild Birds In Europe *Translate from Swedish To English Word Fåglar Och Måsar would mean Birds And Seagulls* Videor och Bilder would translate from Swedish to English Videos & Photos!

Fåglar Och Måsar Videor & Bilder You can buy UK bird feeders and UK bird food online from the uk pet shop online English pet supply stores etc.

Apelviken Väder Apelviken Videor & Bilder På Apelviken & Lilla Apelvikin Camping Och Surf

Apelviken Sverige Och Lilla Apelviken Videor & Apelviken Camping. Väder På Apelviken Sverige

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Gratis Hallands Karta Åskloster Sverige Karta Gratis Karta SE Gratis Karta Svensk Karta för Åskloster Konstgalleri Och Åskloster Sverige

Åskloster Väder *Hallands Väder Halland Åskloster SE My first Swedish Video Blog From The Ocean In Sweden Online With My Old Photos Of Sweden

Hallands Bästa Kiosk Grill Restauranger I Åskloster Sverige Klostergrillen Hallands Bästa Grill

European Weather, European Maps Of Europe & European News In English

Stockholm Karta Stockholm Väder och Nyheter, Böka Hotell I Stockholm

Varberg Väder Hallands Väder & Varberg Karta

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Göteborg Videor, Göteborg Bilder, Nyheter, Väder, Göteborg Karta På Goteborg Sverige

Strömstad Sverige Information About Sweden Online via Information About Swedish City And Harbor Located In Stromstad Sweden

Strömstad Sverige Photos & Videos Of Sweden City Online Stromstad!

Varberg Sverige Videor, Bilder På Varberg & Varbergs Fästning Videor

Varberg Sverige Bilder På Varbergs Hamn Båtar I Varberg Sverige Varberg Strand Bilder & Varberg Nyheter Information Varberg Kommun

Varberg Fortress Videos Varberg Fortress Photos Of Sweden via Varbergs Fortress History Swedish News In English About Varbergs Fästning for US

Midsommer I Sverige Midsommer Videor Och Midsommar Bilder På Midsommar I Varberg

Midsommer I Sverige

Färje Videor Och Bilder På Svensk Färje & Dansk Färje Jag älskar havet

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Buy Cabin For Sale Online Cabin Tents Shelters & Camping Tents For Family Cabins And Family Tents With Hiking Tents & Camping Supplies For Sale In USA & UK Worldwide Camp And Backpacking Gear Shops And Stores With Survival Tips On How To Build Shelters, How To Build Base Camps & How To Build Log Cabins For Wood Cabins In Woods Etc!

Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person 3-Season Large Family Cabin Tent - $259.00

from: VMInnovations

Texsport Twin Peaks Two-Room Cabin Dome Tent - $349.99

Features:* 17'9" x 10' x 88" h.* Sleeps up to ten persons* Heavy-duty polyurethane coated 1000 mm taffeta walls and rainfly* Double rainflys have taped seams* Seam-taped rip-stop polyethylene floor* Pin and ring frame system with eight rust-resistant 3/4" diameter powder coated, chain-corded steel leg poles* Three 6.9 mm shock-corded fiberglass poles for arched windows* Three large "no-see-um" mesh windows with zippered storm flaps* Inner tent wall features zippered door for added insulation and privacy* Durable speed clips and sleeves secure tent to frame* "No-see-um" mesh roof panels provide superior ventilation* First room converts from tent to screen room for spacious and comfortable living area ideal for groups* Complete with stakes, carry/storage bag* Flame retardant, meets C.P.A.I.-84 specifications* Glacier Gray and Black

Gigatent Carter MT. Large 20 x 10 Cabin/Family Tent with 3 Rooms, Sleeps 8-10 - $407.49

Retail Price: $560.00
You Save: $152.51
from: Shopping Warehouse

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Tent

Buy Large Family Cabin Tents For Sale! The Coleman 10 Person Family Cabins For Sale in USA Off Amazon US & I have tent sales online for links to cabin tents in the uk and worldwide

Coleman Canyon Breeze 10 Person Tent

That coleman tents a cabin tent for sale in usa & USA Amazon Sells The Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent Cabin In The USA Online.

Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent 18 X 12

I have searched tent reviews on that amazing cabin tent for sale and it seems some tent reviews are good while others say this is not the best tent for wind and rain. It is an amazing cabin style tent by the looks of it & big tents

Tahoe Gear Glacier 12-14 Person Deluxe Family Cabin Tent - $219.99

from: VMInnovations

Buy camping supplies backpacks, sleeping bags and tents for sale online Bushcraft survival gear & camping supplies for sale! Swedish blogs in English tips on how to build shelters how to survive living in woods live in wild living in tents and survival shelters how to build cabins & buy cabin tents and make your own home in the wild living in the woods by www.opps.se

Cat Dinner Party 70 X 50 CM

Book Rooms Online Hotel Booking Hotels & Bed And Breakfasts In UK, USA Hotels Book Swedish And Danish Hotel Rooms For Rent *Best Deals On Hotels For Travel Online Booking* Need a place to live or place to sleep and stay for a day or weekly rates and monthly stays at hotels there you have it rooms to rent

Zolas Restaurant 70 X 50 CM

November 2014 I am back for bit

 Funny Cat And Dog Paintings

Travel Booking Online

Klicka På Båtar Och Färja Videor, Bilder, Köp Båtar Till Salu. Båt Försäljning. Båt Videor Båt Bilder Och Färja Båtar & Köp Färjebiljetter Online

Buy boats online boat sales buy sail boats, buy inflatable boats and canoes etc. That pages also full of ocean videos of ferry boats and big boats on the ocean in Sweden.

Swedish Video Blogs Shows Life In Sweden Caught On Video Blogs From Sweden

Bushcraft Survival Tips Swedish Video Blogs Live In Tent In Sweden Shows Amazing Campsites & Camping Gear. How To Build Shelter To Survive In Woods *Video Blogs Photos Of Living In Wild With Animals And Nature Videos Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, How To Survive Life In Wilderness In Europe

 Opps.se Swedish Videos Shows Sweden And Denmark Online. Swedish travel videos show Danish And Swedish Travel from trips I made by ferry boat and bus etc. When I was making money online with google and making money online with my past american websites buy working as an affiliate marketer for american affiliate programs I used the money I made online to buy tickets and pay for travel to places in Sweden and Denmark. This website shows travel video blogs and Swedish films made in Sweden and Denmark in English as well as some Swedish videos where I speak Swedish for Swedish people to understand more about the videos etc. When I could no longer live and work in Sweden by making money online I tried selling art in Sweden live in Varberg Sweden at the Swedish Market Place in the center of the city. I also tried to make a living by working online with European affiliate marketing programs to be able to rebuild my life and still life and work in Sweden. I started to make so little money online that most of my videos and photos of Swedish travel in Sweden shows long walks and hiking in Sweden for days to find amazing places and share videos and photos of Sweden online.

I made money online enough to now buy a tent that I hope will not leak in rain. All my clothing and everything what little I have in life was getting wet and cold in rain as I was also cold in a leaking festival tent eh. I used my amazon usa affiliate marking income on a Coleman Sundome Tent to try to live in a tent that does not leak.

www.opps.se/tents.htm will have tent reviews when I get it. You can buy uk tents and buy tents in the usa online there or just read about life in Sweden living in a tent and learn ways to make tents like home or make being homeless maybe not so tuff. Bush craft stuff or would it be bushcraft stuff like tips to live in a tent and in the woods will maybe be there if I can stand it here long enough to dump and upload my final stuff

Opps.Se Roliga Videor Roliga Bilder På Ansiktsmålning Och Kroppsmålning

Roliga Videor Och Bilder Ansiktsmålning Och Kroppsmålning

That funny photos there to show my face painting photos and face painting videos from the Swedish face painting gallery online. Not so many face and body paintings there for sad to say not much reason to try to market face and body paintings in Sweden now.

Opps.Se Roliga Videor Roliga Bilder På Vild Djur, Husdjur Och Fåglar & Måsar

Roliga Djur Videor Roliga Katt Och Djur Bilder Vilda Djur Videor & Husdjur Videor Och Bilder På Fåglar Och Djur I Europa

    Funny animal videos of funny animals, ocean life with fish and oceanlife in Sweden as well as video blogs with wild animal videos and photos with wildlife shows nature in sweden. Those videos are in Swedish and English but most of the websites Swedish text for Swedish for people in Sweden to find photos and wildlife videos of animals in Sweden and Denmark online. No need to translate from Swedish to English on the funny animal videos and ocean life in Sweden for the photos or pictures of animals and ocean life on that video websites easy to follow in ways. I may not translate from Swedish to English on all my video websites and pages in Swedish for Sweden and Denmark but watching movies and watching videos with films of animals and wildlife shows universal films in ways for the language of love as animals give is universal no needed to translate from Swedish to English there eh. I do not hate people but I do not feel I fit in with any types of people for in ways I feel more comfortable and safe around the animals and would be more than happy to live in nature with the animals for the rest of my way too long life. I love all types of animals & love being near the ocean and beaches as well as the forests and woods etc. so there are lots of animal videos and nature films to watch online from my Swedish website opps.se


Konst Bilder, Konst Videor, Konstgalleri Varberg Halland Konst Till Salu På Nätet Och Konstgalleri Sverige

How to Build Log Cabins, Log Homes & Bungalows

Build Your Own Stone House: Using the Easy Slipform Method (Down-To-Earth Building Book)

God Jul Europa! Christmas Videos Christmas Photos With Christmas Art Christmas Cards & Swedish News Video Blogs Information About Christmas In Sweden & Denmark

Klicka På Jul Sverige Och Jul I Danmark

GOD JUL KORT GRATIS Jul E KORT & Handmålade Jul Kort Försäljning Funny Chrismas Cards Online There

Another Face In Another Place! World's Most Beautiful Face Paintings Or World's Most Unusual Face Paintings With Beautiful Swedish Backgrounds. Artists Face Painted Video Blogs Online Video Blogs From Sweden Shows Swedish Video Blogs In English For Another Face In Another Place Face Blogs From Artists And Face Painters In Sweden Shows Beautiful Faces In Beautiful Places in Sweden & Travel Videos and Photos via Photo blog and video blog from Traveling Face Painter Live In Sweden Shows Face Paintings From Sweden

Free online converters show what you need to convert prices and sizes of our art online & convert money online from usd to sek convert money online from usd to euro etc. You can find free online money converters and convert sizes online with CM To IN as well as Miles To KG convert Kilometers To Miles! Centimeters To Inches! Money Converters Online

   Free online converters help convert usd to sek and euro to english pounds etc. Convert sizes of paintings and art prices for americans online to convert from us to metric and world currency converters online free. This helps if you buy art from Sweden listed in SEK to convert SEK To USD & Convert CM TO IN Etc.

Swedish Website Links Swedish News In English USA VS Europe Online Video & Photo Blogs About Life In Europe VS USA

Build Micro Homes Tiny Homes You Can Build And live in read books on how to build mini micro homes.

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter 

How To Build Cabins How To Build Homes And Shelters In Woods And Forests. If you buy land or own land and lake or waterfront property to build a cabin with a ocean or lake view would be a beautiful home or beautiful resort etc

Cabins: A Guide to Building Your Own Nature Retreat

How to Build Your Home in the Woods (Log Cabins, Camping Shelters, Rustic Furniture)

Swedish Nature Resorts Near Varberg Sweden Shows Swedish Nature Resort With Birds And Animals Live In Sweden Old Kopstad Resort

Gamla Köpstad Videor Och Bilder På Gamla Köpstad. Svensk Ö Karta. Bild Och Video Blogg Från Rödskär Och Svartskär Naturreservat Swedish Nature Resorts For Ocean And Rock Beaches Nature Restort In Sweden Here Videos and photos shows how in the world I got there or how in the world did I get down from the rock cliffs and rocks at the nature resort. Really I did stay the night there and it was beautiful films and photographs of the world's most beautiful nature resorts In Sweden old films.

Gigatent Mt. Springer 2-Room Cabin Tent - $218.99

from: Shopping Warehouse

Fun Stuff To Do Online Free. Free Games Online & Free Websites With Free Fun Stuff To Do Live

Spela Casino Spel Play Free Games Online Casino Games Free Slots Etc

Gratis Spel Spela Spel Online Slots Free Games Online Casinos In UK, US, Sweden, Denmark & European Casinos Click the photo to find free slots and casino websites with free games or buy slot machine banks and games


Swedish Islands & Swedish Lakes In Sweden Maps Of Islands And Lakes In Sweden With Photos And Video Blogs From Swedish And Danish Islands And Lakes With Travel Blogs, Canoe Trips & Camping At Swedish Camp Grounds Etc

Fegen Sjö Videor, Fegensjö Bilder På Svensk Sjö Fegen

Klicka På Bilder Och Videor Från Svensk Ö Tjörn Ö I Sverige Tjörn Ö I Sverige Tjörn Videor och Bilder På Tjörn Ö I Sverige

Gratis Karta Tjörn Ö Karta På Tjörn Ö I Sverige (Svensk Ö)

Swedish Videos of Islands In Sweden & Pictures Islands In Sweden And Denmark via Island Videos & photos of Islands. Island Life On Islands In Europe Online!


    Picture below shows pictures of natural rocks that almost make shelters out of the natural way the rocks are formed. This could be easy to make a shelter out of and turn into a rock house or rock shelter for survival shelters made of rock. Sadly the videos and photos I took before I tried to show how to make rock shelters were not all saved. More sad to say the kids that threw rocks at my tent near that rock area probably took down the rock walls and rock shelters I wasted time making. I do not go back to areas with people that are evil or have bad karma etc so forgive that most of the rock houses made around there for shelter examples are just more examples of my time wasted in Sweden. People just like to kick you when your down it seems but being too close to where people are is never a good idea if you ask me.


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konstutställning i halland sverige Swedish Art Shows In Sweden 2014 Köpa Konst I Åskloster Konstgalleri Konst Show Buy Art From Sweden At Swedish Art Gallery Near Gothenburg & Varberg Sweden via Åskloster

Click funny photos of animals, photos of Denmark and Sweden online to see pictures of Europe in big or full size images.

Roliga Bilder På Änder I Sverige Klicka På And Bild För Roliga And Bilder Och And Videor Roliga Änder And Video would translate from Swedish To English as Duck Video *videos in Swedish is videor & And is Swedish for Duck. Many ducks would be Änder in Swedish

Videos and photos of Sweden & Denmark Copyrights Of US At www.opps.se Sverige

Buy books about how to build homes, build micro houses or small houses and building cabins. Buy books that show and tell how to build a cabin in the woods etc. Log cabin building guides etc.

How to Build Your Dream Cabin in the Woods: The Ultimate Guide to Building and Maintaining a Backcountry Getaway

 How To Build A Small Cabin With A Porch With 5 Small Cabin Plans Pictures, Plans and Videos


TMS STOVE-2346 Portable Military Camping Tent Steel Wood Stove

 Portable Military Camping Hunting Ice Fishing Cook Wood Stove Tent Heater w/ Bag

OUCH my arm after years of numbness in my arm due to over working in Sweden my arm started to look like it is deformed. I half worked myself to death trying to get back home to the usa or start over by working and living in europe. I about give up and should put closure to my life in ways now

Months later my arm is worse but a few days after the photos taken above I saw a Swedish doctor that told me it was birsitis. He asked if I had prior injury to that arm. Both arms have been numb for years and in pain from over working online but I did not think of that as an injury and said no since it was not the arm that was severed. Well to carry heavy stuff all the time trying to set up camp or places to live in nature then to come back inside a place and work on pages all the time is sure not fun nor a healthy way to heal eh

ouch my foot after yet another attempt to run away or escape in 2014. Trying to live in a tent or forests and hidden places does not mean one should spend all day and night walking or hicking and just use tents as storage places to store things eh Grin.

Churches in Sweden are there to show some of the world's most beautiful buildings. Old Swedish architecture world's most amazing & world's most beautiful buildings in SE

Photos of Sweden Show Big Pictures Of Sweden When You Click The Photos Of Sweden And Denmark On Opps Site

Another Face In Another Place Swedish Video Blogs By Face Painter Hilary Leigh In Sweden

June 2013 Face Painters Video Blogs Another Face In Another Place Page 2 Swedish Blogs by Face Painter In Sweden

2014 Videos From Apelviken Sweden & Varberg Sweden Summer Face Painting Blogs *2014 Another Face In Another Beautiful Place*

Buy Cabin Tents & Family Tents For Family Camping. Make A Cabin In The Woods For Survival Shelters Or Buy Family Cabin Tents For Sale

Tahoe Gear Glacier 14-PersonFamily Cabin Tent & Two Sleeping Bags - $294.95

Explore the great outdoors and setup camp with ease in the new Tahoe Gear Glacier Tent. Great for comfortably sleeping up to 12 or 14, the Glacier is ideal for a night with the family or a longer excursion. Enjoy day time in the airy, open screen room or a few restful hours in the separate master suite area. Equipped with easy setup poles, stakes, guy ropes, and rain fly for unexpected weather, this tent is ready to help you take on your next vacation or outdoor adventure. The Tahoe Gear Island Peak 300 Sleeping Bag is designed with a relaxed mummy fit shape that will keep as much heat in as possible to keep you warm and snug all night long while still giving you room to maneuver. It features a drawstring adjustable hood and shoulder collar that helps trap in heat. This Tahoe Gear sleeping bag is built to withstand colds to a lower limit of 37° F. Tahoe Gear Glacier Tent Large yet practical and comfortable, the Tahoe Gear Glacier is perfect for all groups or families, great for daytime or night. Generous 7' center and wall height allow campers to move easily throughout the tent Durable 1200mm polyester tent body is great for getting out in the warm or cool weather Coordinating 1200mm polyester fly with taped fly seams and and polyethylene binding floor helps to provide water resistance in varied conditions Fly canopy extends out over the door for extra coverage, and includes guy ropes on each side for securing tent in windy weather Fly features solar shield that reflects sun light and keeps tent cooler in warm weather Fabric Specifications: Tent Body & Fly - 70D/190T Polyester, Tent Floor - 120 Gram Polyethylene Large windows zip completely shut for sleeping and open for use as a screen room on those comfortable days and evenings Open mesh design provides excellent cross ventilation throughout the tent Easy to assemble shock corded poles and pin and ring system allow for quick set up Floor vents in master suite provide additional ventilation Includes convenient tent carry bag, pole bag, stakes and assembly instructions Power slip near door allows for easy power cord access inside your tent Assembled Dimensions: 20'(L) x 12'(W) x 84-inch (H) Approximate Dimensions in Carry Bag: 31-inch (L) x 12-inch (W) x 11.5-inch (H) Model #:TGT-GLACIER-19 Note: Tahoe Gear tents are made with a high quality fabric for water resistance. Overall water resistance capability will vary by wind, setup and more extreme weather circumstances. Please ensure the rain fly is applied in inclement weather to decrease chances of moisture inside your tent. Two Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Product Defects Tahoe Gear Island Peak 300 Sleeping Bag (Set of 2) Velcro latch to prevent unzipping while you sleep Drawstring hood and shoulder collar to trap in heat and keep you warm Inside zipper pocket to conveniently store items like a camera, cell phone, or mp3 player Dual zipper for easy entry and exit out of sleeping bag Stuff sack for quick and easy storage Unzip the bottom for extra ventilation on warmer nights Full-length draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper Hang loops for storage and airing out Box-shaped foot for added room to move Dimensions: 86.6-inch x 31.5 x 21.7-inch Weight: 3.8 lbs. Part #: TGT-Island 300-1 Warranty: 2-year Tahoe Gear Warranty

Svenska Videor Och Bilder Från Danmark Till Sverige opps.se videor, bilder, karta, nyheter och väder i sverige och danmark. Svensk Karta, Dansk Karta (Europa Karta! Gratis Karta och sidor på sverige) News Articles, News Videos & News Online via Swedish News & Swedish Videos Copyright © www.Opps.se by hilary leigh or what is left of leigh in ways sadly eh.

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    This OPPS.SE Websites For Swedish News In English With Pictures Of Sweden To Denmark Travel & Travel Videos And Video Blogs From Americans Living In Sweden. On My Swedish Website Opps.se you can watch videos from Sweden And Denmark & read Swedish news in English with articles about Sweden & about life in Sweden for Americans that live in Europe via Swedish Video Blogs In English From Denmark And Sweden Online. Fun travel ideas for travel to scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark online. More cool websites to buy art online and find photos and videos of paintings and art with funny videos of funny animals and cool websites by us the makers of Opps.se below are the websites I have or had left at the time I tried to restore my cool websites webpages

www.zolas.info My beautiful baby Zola the talking cats website with cat videos and photos of my cat Zola whom sadly passed away leaving me lost out here alone in Sweden with a sickness and sadness inside me that shall remain until I am lucky enough to die and be with my baby Zola in Heaven.

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola Min Katt Har Somnat In På Göteborgs Djursjukhus

American Video Blogs From Sweden In English By Americans Living In Sweden Or Maybe An American Living In Europe For Now I Have No Idea What I Will Do Or Where I Will Be Eh.

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www.opps.se Swedish News Websites In English & Swedish Video Websites With Pictures And Information About Sweden And Denmark. Video Blogs By Americans Living In Sweden. Scandinavian Countries Most Beautiful Places In The World

pages i will either fix or remove below listings for myself to sum up pages and finish the website or at least the english parts

Book Travel Online Travel Adventure Trips World Travel Booking Online Adventure Tours in Sweden Adventure Tours In Asia And UK Travel Agencies Book Travel To USA / World Travel Booking Online Adventure Trips / Travel Guides In Sweden, Denmark, USA & Travel Around The World Trips

Midsummers Eve In Swedish News Videos Of Swedish Midsummer Eve Party & About Sweden's Midsummer Eve Traditions & About History Of Sweden Midsummers Eve

Gothenburg Videos, Gothenburg Photos Of Gothenburg Sweden Live Video Blogs From Travel To Gothenburg Sweden

Buy Art Online Art Gallery In Sweden Sales Art From Sweden Online & Swedish Gallery Ships Around The World With Some Worldwide Shipping Free

Swedish Art Gallery In English Page 2 More Art Photos And Art Videos Shows Art From Sweden Online Here

Swedish Videos Of Sweden Deer In The Wild In Sweden via Swedish Video Blogs From Sweden Wild Deer Footage

Seagull Videos & Seagull Photos Swedish Seagulls In Sweden Shows Why I Love Seagulls & Birds In Sweden

Varberg Sweden Fortress Videos & Pictures Of Sweden's Fortress In Varberg Sweden! should change to varberg fastning and update it to repair again

American Healthcare vs European Healthcare Truth About Healthcare in Europe VS USA

I am at the computer September 19th 2014 again but I have too many videos and photos from sweden in the past that I could not restore yet and after a week or so of being here trying to repair and finish things I realize there is no way I can finish it before my times up. I will try hard for the old stuff was amazing and not so sad. I wish I had time to put up more new and old videos and photos with my video blogs from Sweden but I am sure I will not get to finish this website nor restore my other video and photo websites etc. I put art shows up for dates to buy art here but after a few days back here I felt I was dying again in ways. It is hard but I will do what I can and hold on as long as I can here to end at least the pages or give an idea of what happened to me etc.

      November 2014 Updates I came back to access the internet and upload videos and photos to show where I have been for camping videos and life in Sweden via tent living and shelters for tips on survival as of November 2014. After the 2014 art show in Sweden I have no reason and no obligations to remain in Sweden or anywhere in the world for that fact but we will see what will become of me or maybe I will see and you will wonder *either way it is fate or just bad luck and a very evil god that hates me*