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   The operation on St. Patrick's Day 2010 went well and was almost free since in Sweden you do not pay more than about 100.00 usd a year for doctor visits and medical care no matter what. In the usa the biopsy to see what was wrong would have cost at least 500.00 not counting the yearly doctor visits for tests in the usa that alone costs about 300.00 USD and can even cost 400.00 USD. That price or healthcare costs just for standard tests like blood tests and urine tests with basic doctors fees for checking for ovarian cysts etc. If you do not have a fear or phobia of operations in the usa you sure may fear the cost of hospitals and doctors or healthcare costs when you visit or live in the usa.

   The same day I got my biopsy for cervix cancer at the Swedish doctors office the same doctor removed parts that were sick or ill inside me. It all took less than the time you spend in american waiting rooms at local doctors offices. It all costs next to nothing almost free healthcare *that is so unamerican Grin* I made it in to say I am here & European news updates with the truth about us vs europe will be found online here from Americans Living In Europe. My home healthcare nurse is the worlds best as you can see for Zola my cats always taking care of me. I am in good hands and sharp claws for the weekend. *I heal fast so after the post of my home healthcare in Sweden with nurse Zola I was ready to get back to work on news and information about Europe VS US. Photos below show the world's best nurse or world's best cat nurse for help with healing grin.

Beautiful Tabby Cats also known as zola the talking cat & the cat I speak of as Nurse Zola *grin* My beautiful nurse!

Photo Of Cat On Dutch Flag Shows My Cat & I Love Europe & Love Halland aka The Netherlands but, it could also be close to the French Flag & My Cat And I Love France And Love All Countries In Europe. *Grin* Cat photos from usa when our hearts were in europe but, our bodies did not make it to Europe until 2008. Grin.

    Truth Is The Health Care Systems in Europe may have saved my life or may have been prolonged my life long enough to finish websites to create the world's largest websites with useless stuff.*grin*. European doctors are not paid as high as American doctors but in ways maybe that means many of people in Europe that go into the field of medicine or healthcare industry pick that job to help people more than to get rich. I was given a local or what you call pain killer shots from the Swedish Doctor so I can not say if a biopsy hurts yet I can ell you it was a machine used in the doctors office that kind of burned out the sick or ill parts of me. Considering it is now the Day after the operation and I sit here typing & even did a few pages on my european news site and some of my art websites so it must not have been so bad. Well maybe I am just stubborn and as I walk away slowly in pain to go with beautiful nurse zola for a bit of cat love. I will regret not typing faster for poor Zola had been trying to take me away from work for awhile now.

     The painting you see below was my last blacklight face painting done just a few days before my flight from the usa to fly to Europe. I felt at this time it was a good idea to post it and share the glow or glowing face paintings on this Swedish news and video blogs site just to show a blast of colorful face painting from my past in Dallas Texas USA. In the usa I could not afford many tests for cancer or illness nor did my health insurance in american want to pay for much on tests and doctor visits. With American healthcare I was paying over 150.00 a month on USA Health Insurance Coverage To Cover Costs Of Hospital Visits And Doctors Offices In Case I Got Sick Or Hurt Yet Health Insurance In The US Does Not Often Cover Much Of The Costs As Most Americans Know Or Learn When They Need Operations Or Help With Illness Etc. When I was paying american health insurance for my son and myself it was about 250.00 usd but the american health insurance companies do not pay to help with medical treatment in lots of cases & the american insurance companies have deductibles so high it is sick.


Blacklight face painting pictures taken from live webcams via dallas texas usa webcams during my last days in the usa off my live face painting webcam chats as seen on uvfaces.com

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  For those that wish to know what operation I had then it was part of my cervix had to be taken out. The operation was done with 4 shots and preformed as a local instead of putting me to sleep for the medical procedure. I felt it and it hurt. In fact I feel it now sitting here working a few days later but, after the first couple days it started to feel better. I can do house work and work on pages and things yet, I will not be going for much of a long walk or hitting the skates eh. For the next 2 weeks or 2 and half weeks it will be healing and bleeding a bit. Why in the world am I sitting here typing about cervix cancer and operation for such things on my face painting site eh. Ok well to make it fast and short with less detail we can say that the machine or medical equipment the doctor used in Europe for my operation was like welding equipment for doctors grin. Hard to explain but parts were cut out and sucked up to remove sick parts of my cervix and save me from cervix cancer. In the usa I would have to just deal with the cancer getting bad and killing me. Oh hey maybe not then since March 21, 2010 Obama Passed the bill.

    The Bill for Healthcare Reform In The USA Has Past So People That Would Have Died From Lack Of Healthcare Now Can Live Thanks To Obama! Not just uninsured people in the usa have had it bad but, people that have paid alot monthly in the usa for insurance have often been turned down operations and medical care for things that the USA Insurance companies would say they could not cover for whatever crooked reasons they felt to make up. Anyway there we have it. I used to pay about 250.00 a month for my kiddo and I to have insurance through my old job and have seen how they do try to back out of paying for much. Still not going back to the usa ever but, my family and people I know in the usa now can live and not worry. Babble sorry. I am excited about the health care bill passing. For me it is a huge thing if you look at my past as a child and my mothers polio and medical conditions over the years. It is a huge thing for me that she can now be given a chance to live and maybe even get help when she needs it easier. Later my mother came up with cancer and could not pay for a doctor to operate to save her life. The most amazing thing happened that was so rare in the usa to see happen with american medical doctors and hospitals. The rich yet caring doctor in the usa operated on my mother to remove her cancer free knowing it would take many life times to pay that medical bill for anyone in the usa. Way to go american doctor for being socialist and caring or more european in heart than american grin.

St. Patrick's Day 2010 yes it is a phobia or 1 of my worse fears. I have a fear of operations but, not the death fear or fear of cancer or fear of doctors in europe or even scary american doctors. I have a fear of the procedure so yeah I have a phobia or fear of operations *march 15th 2010 answer to phobias and fears. I am scared of operations and St. Patrick's Day 2010 I will have an operation that I WILL WALK INTO A EUROPEAN DOCTORS OFFICE AND WILLINGLY LET THE EUROPEAN DOCTOR OPERATE ON ME.  Maybe it is a fear of operations in america because the cost of healthcare is so expensive in the usa.


   The black and white art or black and white face paintings above shows another painting I did just a day before my departure to catch a flight from the USA to Europe via *DFW* Dallas Fort Worth Texas to Germany. From the flight to Germany I took a Swedish flight to Gothenburg Sweden all with my beautiful baby Zola on the plane with me flying as a passenger but a very cute one. I think my american life was stressful and my new life is amazing but stress does come in ways when your married more than when your single for your life is not your own until you reclaim it and become again free no matter if your in usa vs europe etc. European life vs american life is a huge difference yet I wish I made it to Europe when I was single and got to do things I wanted to aside from just working all the time and ending up stuck here for so long. Maybe I can make even more money to get a flight home for I do miss things about America as in my Family. I miss my family so much. I also miss being able to drive and go to skating rinks and just being able to do things I want when I am off work etc. Maybe I can fix life again but remain in Europe. My plan was to get my son here and have my own place where we could live yet I would have still went to clean my husbands place and give him what money I could while also doing things he wanted me to at times. There is just not much time to keep trying for I have been here for years now and sometimes I start to lose hope. I am just glad Zola is here with me for she is my sanity in ways.

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      Sad update on news or life in Sweden for my life feels now like it is just waiting to die since I have lost now my baby Zola. Zola died from kidney failure at the Swedish Animal Hospital in Gothenburg Sweden. The doctors or VETS tried to save my baby Zola but even with giving her blood and trying to help save her life the end result was her death leaving me wishing to die. I will not kill myself for I have a family and a son I have not seen so long back home in the usa. I have not much reason to stay in Sweden anymore but I will keep trying to work and save as much as I can to buy back my freedom or life and get a place where my Son can live or visit to give me a reason to live again.

RIP ZOLA May 10 2014 Zola Min Katt Har Somnat In På Göteborgs Djursjukhus